Antrisu SSV-I Washdown Checkweigher

The AntrisuSSV-i washdown checkweigher is designed for unpackaged fresh food. The exterior is waterproof and dustproof for sanitary control. SMF proprietary technology achieves high accuracy by minimizing double product errors with multi-threaded filters. The SSV-I features easy-to-follow navigation with an 8.5 inch color LCD touchscreen interface. The SSV-i reduces unnecessary rejects and maximizes line productivity with maximum accuracy of ±0.01 g.Hygienic modular design allows for superior documentation and overall system reliability. Tool-free belt removal and open-frame construction allows quick cleaning and lower cleaning costs. Specifications Stainless steel control-panel exterior... Read More

Alliedflex Semi-Automatic FLX SPOUTFILL Filling and Capping Machine

The Alliedflex semi-automatic FLX SPOUTFILL filling and capping machine for spouted pouches is a precision, high-quality solution that’s ideal for pilot plant, laboratory, and R&D to establish filling characteristics and test market samples and limited production runs. This semi-automatic, air-driven machine is suitable for filling and capping flexible pouches with an already existing spout with liquid or semi-liquid products. The FLX filler can fill viscous products containing soft particulates or pulp and it is also suitable for hot filling (100°C).  Features Works with liquid, semi-viscous, and viscous products containing particulates or pulpUp to 1 liter optional pouch... Read More

TopTier Low Infeed Palletizers

TopTier low-infeed palletizers work with existing floor-level conveyors. Palletizer model groups share common modules and frame systems to provide comprehensive palletizer solutions. Shared modules maximize layout flexibility, while reducing cost through increased manufacturing and machine controls efficiencies. Modular engineering means quality control and complete flexibility in the configuration of machine components. No customization is required: the orientation of induction and load exit will meet your exact requirements.  Features All-electricConcurrent stretch wrappingPerfect pattern inductionSheets and linersDouble stack loadsMultiple palletizer shuttleTall loads to 110"Layer... Read More

TDI Packsys XR Standard X-Ray Inspection Systems

The TDI Packsys XR Standard series of X-ray inspection systems is a diverse group of advanced models capable of inspecting wide-ranging products. The XR series includes a variety of models, each designed to maximize inspection sensitivity and integrate smoothly into existing processes. With an array of generator strengths, detector types, software options, and configurations available, TDI helps customers choose the right system for their applications to achieve unmatched performance. These powerful systems can detect even the smallest contaminants, including glass, hard plastic, rubber, ceramic, bone, and other mid or high-density foreign materials. XR Standard series X-rays cannot be... Read More