ST-1000 Automatic Towel Bagging System

The ST-1000 automatic towel bagging system can bag up to 7500 shop towels per hour with a single operator, with the operator needed only if your application requires visual inspection of the product before it’s bagged. The product is pulled from the dual hopper/conveyor and dropped onto a conveyor, where it can be inspected if necessary. When the product reaches the desired weight, the conveyor advances it to an open bag on the T-1000 Poly Bagger. The bag is then sealed and conveyed to a shipping container or otherwise collected. Weighing the product instead of counting it makes sense because weighing is faster and usually more accurate than counting. You can have it either way with... Read More

Serpa P150 Intermittent Cartoner

The Serpa P150 intermittent cartoner’s compact open design allows for total access to the operator side of the machine via the three guard doors, and the electrical cabinet swings open to allow total access to the machine for easy maintenance. The P150 fits in less than 35 square feet of floor space. Operating at speeds of up to 80 cartons per minute, it uses Serpa’s proven orbital carton erector with prebreak feature. The rugged frame is built for three shift per day operation. Digital gauges and scales with pointers allow for quick, no-tool changeover in as little as 10 minutes. All of the changeover points on the main machine are located on the operator side for fast, easy... Read More

Robopac ROBOT S7 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

The Robopac Robot S7 semi-automatic stretch wrapper is a self-propelled, semi-automatic packaging machine, incorporating the latest technologies, including advanced safety systems, a high level of packaging autonomy, and outstanding flexibility. The Robot S7 is designed to wrap and stabilize palletized loads of any shape, size, and weight with stretch film. Its innovative system for facilitated film insertion through the opening of the carriage and power drive technology with brushless motorization enables the Robot S7 to control the film with extreme precision, guaranteeing perfect pre-stretching. The Robot S7 also supports sustainability with low film and energy consumption. Features... Read More

Pearson CE35 Case Erector

The Pearson CE35 case erector offers reliable forming of knockdown cases at speeds of up to 35 cases per minute. The CE35’s compact footprint makes it a preferred choice for plants with limited floor space. Advanced features such as high-visibility machine status lighting, non-contact interlocks, CAT-3 safety circuits, and an easily accessible grace port are standard. Synchronized dual chain drive transports case through closing and sealing section ensure that completed cases are square as they exit the machine. Features Reliable positioning for pickingReliable opening of knockdownsConsistently square casesFast changeoverOptimal case controlReliable closing and sealingHighly reliable... Read More