Arpac 105-70 Shrink Bundler

The Arpac 105 shrink bundler is designed to handle large stacks of products with a “bull’s-eye” enclosure. An optional side-seal mechanism creates packages with full enclosure for increased product protection. Typical applications include stacks of pizza boxes, windows, doors, ceiling tiles, floor mats, wall panels, and much more. Stacks of product proceed via an infeed conveyor to the seal area, where the stack moves through the film web and seal frame. Once enveloped with shrink film, the stack automatically stops and the seal closes, forming a film sleeve around the stack. Optional side seals (no trim) are then applied, and the stack advances through an integrated shrink tunnel... Read More

AmeriPak Series 60 Tray Sealer

The AmeriPak Series 60 Tray Sealers are constructed to provide years of service. The TP60M seals trays up to 10.5” wide and can run most applications on a 2-out, 4-out or even 6-out configuration. The tool-free quick change tray pallets are manufactured from .75” aluminum plate. The base model is 12’ long, clearing 7’ of feeding space, more than adequate for typical manual or automatic filling. Optional lengths up to 24’ provide the necessary feeding space for whatever the application requires. Machine function is controlled with the PLC through a 6” touch screen, including line speed, seal temperature, and dwell time. Once the functions are configured for a specific tray, they... Read More

ADCO 15HCS End Load Closer

The ADCO 15HCS end load closer is an affordable horizontal carton-sealing solution. This compact, easy-to-operate, continuous-motion machine is capable of sealing a wide range of carton sizes at speeds of up to 50 cartons-per-minute. Simply place a pre-filled carton into the 15HCS from either side of the load area and it takes care of the rest, quickly, easily, and efficiently. Designed with flexibility and portability in mind, this robust horizontal carton sealer is ideal for even the most demanding and cost-conscious production environments. Like all ADCO machines, the 15HCS is constructed from long-lasting stainless steel and is available in both standard and wash-down configurations.... Read More

PF-4ZA – High Capacity Automatic In-Line Tray/Cup Seal System

The PF-4ZA – high-capacity automatic in-line tray/cup seal system is a fully automated tray and cup seal system, capable of producing vacuum-gas MAP packs, vacuum skin packs (VSP), and/or no MAP sealed trays and cups. The P5-4ZA can be configured with up to three sealing stations, to achieve production rates of up to 150 trays per minute (no MAP). Customers can also run different products at each seal station, significantly reducing changeover time. Seal head changeover can be accomplished in less than five minutes with an optional ergonomically efficient seal head storage cart. The P5-4ZA can be customized for your specific packaging line layout and integrated with a variety of options... Read More