ADCO EnCompass® ELCP End Load Case Packer

The ADCO EnCompass ELCP end-load case packer’s industry-leading performance, modern design, and a compact footprint makes it ideal for the most demanding and space conscious production environments. Featuring a fully-welded, sanitary, sheet-metal frame, ergonomic magazine load height, dual-shaft design for ease of set-up, and standard servo controls, the ELCP handles a wide range of pre-glued, end-load case sizes with maximum precision and reliability. Like all ADCO machines, the EnCompass ELCP is constructed from stainless steel and is available in standard and washdown configurations. Features Stainless steel constructionPacks up to 25 cases per minute Compact frame with leveling feet... Read More

System Packaging 900 Cold Seal

The System Packaging Model 900 cold seal is perfectly suited to wide-ranging packaging applications, including automotive, medical, and building products, and light manufacturing packaging applications. Its flexibility and extensive selection of specialized options make the Model 900 especially popular with book publishers and distributors, and firms engaged in direct mail operations. As with all cold-seal systems, the Model 900 eliminates heating elements, high electrical consumption, and ventilation problems. Features Touch-screen control panelPowered pull-roll tire adjustment and infeed height adjustmentLength adjustments in 1/2”increments (via touch screen)No warm-up or cool-off... Read More

Rennco Vertical L Bar Sealer 201

The Rennco Vertical L Bar Sealer 201 offers dependable, efficient packaging in a small footprint: just 3' x 3.5'. Because the film travels vertically through the packager, it can easily package odd sizes and shapes in shrink-wrap or poly bags, including products such as broccoli, footballs, dog bones, etc. The Model 201 is an excellent choice for bagging small items. It interfaces easily with infeed systems and allows for significant cost savings over systems that run pre-made bags. The Model 201 is ideal for license plates, dog bones, filters, bath bombs/soap balls, silverware kits, syringes, and clamps. Features options Easy-open perforatorHorizontal discharge conveyorFilm... Read More

PFM Shamal Horizontal Flowrap Machine

The PFM Shamal horizontal flowrap machine is a servo-controlled horizontal flowrap machine with bottom reel that produces pillow packs with three airtight seals from a reel of heat sealable wrapping material. The Shamal is also designed for modified atmosphere packaging. The Shamal includes the LVA function, which is the automatic adjustment of bag length according to the product length, and a print registration facility. The extended rotary sealing concept wraps products up to a maximum height of 190 mm. The new design of the main guard, shuttle conveyors, crimper assembly, and crimper height adjustment improve the machine’s user friendliness and reduce set-up times. The Shamal is... Read More