Silgan Quality Inspection and Capping Equipment

Silgan quality inspection and capping equipment monitors production quality, optimizing performance and productivity. Silgan’s unmatched performance and support keeps your line running smoothly and reliably, including state-of-the-art vision systems for superior inspection capabilities. Silgan technicians are committed to keeping your lines running efficiently, with 24/7 parts and phone support, a nationwide network of service technicians, industry-leading research and development, and available PMMI certified training classes. Features Sensor-based and multi-camera 360° inspection systemsSpeeds up to 800 containers per minuteEasy-to-use touchscreen operator interfaceStainless steel... Read More

Quadrel SL200 Shrink Sleeve Labeling System

The Quadrel SL200 shrink sleeve labeling system can be configured as a full-body or mid-body shrink-sleeve label applicator by simply changing the mandrel and selecting the proper mode in the touch pad control. The SL200’s features include Allen Bradley PLC Control and color touchscreen, servo driven label feed, stepper driven cutting mechanism, quick change knife plates and mandrel style sleeve handling. The system is capable of applying up to 200 tamper bands or full-body sleeves per minute. Features Mandrel-style sleeve handling with sealed roller bearingsUser selectable optical or digital sleeve registration optionsStepper-driven cutterU-mount style mounting, compatible with most... Read More

PFM Falcon Horizontal Flow Wrapper

The PFM Falcon horizontal flow wrapper seals bags on three sides from an open roll of hot or cold-sealable material. The Falcon is designed with cantilever principles. All mechanical and electronic components are located on the back of the machine in separate, protected areas. This keeps the front of the machine free from obstacles and allows fast, easy cleaning of all machine components that come into contact with the products. The Falcon is highly versatile and flexible, accommodating wide-ranging products with minimal changeover downtimes. The Falcon is available in nine versions—including long-dwell high speed, extra wide, stainless steel, shrink version with trim removal, and a poly... Read More

Pack Leader Pro-225 Top and Bottom Labeling Machine

The Pack Leader Pro-225 top and bottom labeling machine applies labels to the top and bottom of products. The PRO-225 clamshell labeler also comes standard with our split-belt conveyor system, allowing easy placement on the front, top, and bottom with one label. The PRO-225 lets you change production runs quickly and simply for greater efficiency and quality control. The PRO-225’s modular design allows easy upgrades as needs evolve. Just upgrade the machine to accommodate your new requirements. In strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, the PRO-225 is made of 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum, and carefully treated to guard against harsher... Read More