Kliklok CLS120 Cascade Loading System

The Kliklok CLS120 Cascade loading system is an independent product-handling unit, featuring fully adjustable three-stage vertical rotor vanes that provide collation, stacking, and transfer of bags, sachets, ready meals and pizzas. Multiple units can be integrated to meet high-speed line requirements. The cascade loading system uses three-stage rotary drop stations to align the incoming product timing to the position of the moving cartoner PIC pocket. The multiple drop timing stations provide a buffer to allow for mistimed products at the infeed. Features Easy operation with touchscreen HMISpeeds of up to 120 products per minuteCollates, stacks, and transfers productsLow-friction random... Read More

Highlight Freedom Semi-Automatic and Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapping Systems

Highlight Freedom semi-automatic and automatic rotary arm stretch wrapping systems are available in three models to serve a variety of needs. The Freedom 6512 is a semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper. Its powered pre-stretch film delivery provides greatly increased film savings and performance with multiple pre-stretch levels to choose from, and the heavy duty construction ensures years of consistent, reliable operation. The Freedom 6500 is a semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper. Its fast, 20 RPM rotating arm allows wrapping of unstable loads at high speeds without shifting the product. A free-standing control panel allows for greater flexibility, while the Allen-Bradley PLC... Read More

AFM LX-100 Shrink Sleeve Label and Tamper Evident Band Applicator

The AFM LX-100 shrink sleeve label and tamper evident band applicator is an economy-level labeling machine designed for middle, full body, and full body and cap applications. The LX-100 is designed for low-to-moderate production rates and is ideal for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, health and beauty, consumer goods, chemical, and other manufactured goods applications. The LX-100 is an efficient single-head mandrel-style labeling system, engineered to meet your workflow demands. Designed for single shift operation, the LX-100’s low-maintenance design allows for quick film change and maximum uptime. The compact housing is constructed from 304 grade stainless steel for... Read More

Pearson CE25 Case Erector

The Pearson CE25 case erector forms consistently square cases reliably, at speeds of up to 25 cases per minute. With a vertical case presentation and compact footprint, the CE25 is ideal for small spaces. Advanced features such as high-visibility machine status lighting, non-contact interlocks, CAT-3 Safety Circuits, and an easily accessible grace port are standard. Features Reliable opening of knockdownsConsistently square casesFast changeoverSmall footprintReliable closing and sealingHighly reliable non-contact interlocksHigh-visibility machine statusSafety redundancy with CAT 3Easily accessible grace portConvenient dual access to the machine Purchase or lease? Consider the benefits of... Read More