Serpa P270 Bottom Load Case Packer

The Serpa P270 bottom load case packer accurately picks and erects cases at speeds of up to 15 cases per minute. The P270’s unique walking beam, with dual-sided opposing vacuum, ensures square cases all the way through the closing station. After the case is picked and erected, collated product is gently elevated upward into the case. The product load funnel ensures accurate loading of product into the case. Minor and major flaps are then folded precisely as the case moves through the take-away section. Then the case is sealed and discharged smoothly. Features Unique positive dual vacuum case erectorAll servo drivenBalcony designCompact footprintAll belt drives for low noise and longer... Read More

Robopac Dimac Laser Shrink Wrapper

The Robopac Dimac laser shrink wrapper is a sealing bar style shrink bundling machine. The Dimac’s innovative design, ease of use and installation, high performance and reliability, and user-friendly touchscreen panel make it an excellent choice for packaging bottles and jars.  The system works by creating a gap between products being fed and the pre-set format. The sealed film coming from the upper and lower reels is stretched vertically. As the product moves forward, the film unrolls and wraps the processed product. The upper press is located after the sealing unit and keeps the product stable. According to the various configurations. Conveyor voltage is maintained by a... Read More

Quadrel Proline Labeling System

The Quadrel Proline labeling system is designed specifically for automotive motor oil packagers. This premium-quality labeling system sets the standard for pressure-sensitive product labeling. The ProLine system was designed specifically for packagers that require globally supported internationally compliant factory standardization and guarding. Its features include servo-driven top hold-down and labeling stations, non-proprietary Allen-Bradley© PLC control, and touchscreen operator interface. The Proline’s advanced features include pneumatic slides, which reposition the applicators outside of the guarding during roll changes. This pulls the applicator away from the conveyor for ease of... Read More

PFM Pulsar Flow Wrapper

The PFM Pulsar flow wrapper is a servo-assisted wrapper, featuring automatic length adjustment to suit product length and automatic print registration. With a maximum reel width of 950 mm and maximum diameter of 350 mm, the PFM Pulsar is suitable for wrapping products such as leafy green vegetables, pizzas, large bakery items such as panettones, and meats such as bologna and salami. Format changes take just minutes. Thanks to the box-motion sealing system, sealing time is prolonged to guarantee hermetic seals. The PFM Pulsar achieves up to 50 cycles-per-minute, and its adjustable sealing section can reach a maximum travel of 120 mm. Features Constructed from AISI 304.The PFM Pulsar is... Read More