PFM Pulsar Flow Wrapper

The PFM Pulsar flow wrapper is a servo-assisted wrapper, featuring automatic length adjustment to suit product length and automatic print registration. With a maximum reel width of 950 mm and maximum diameter of 350 mm, the PFM Pulsar is suitable for wrapping products such as leafy green vegetables, pizzas, large bakery items such as panettones, and meats such as bologna and salami. Format changes take just minutes.

Thanks to the box-motion sealing system, sealing time is prolonged to guarantee hermetic seals. The PFM Pulsar achieves up to 50 cycles-per-minute, and its adjustable sealing section can reach a maximum travel of 120 mm.


  • Constructed from AISI 304.
  • The PFM Pulsar is controlled by two AC and two brushless motors dedicated to the operation of the transverse and longitudinal sealing units.
  • Adjustable transverse sealing section – machine functions are controlled by a PLC, interfaced by an HMI control touch panel.
  • Adjustable forming box (fixed version optional).
  • Three sets of fin seal rollers (film pulling, sealing and folding) with automatic opening of the sealing set.
  • Pneumatic wrapping material reel holder with fine adjustment.

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