Supersealer SB10 Rotary Band Sealer

The Supersealer SB10 rotary band sealer continuously seals a wide range of bag materials, efficiently and at high speed. The SB10’s heavy-duty construction, combined with proven band-sealing technology and operator-friendly controls ensures continuous performance even in demanding applications. Features Accurate, consistent sealing temperature Easy maintenance Motorized pedestal for height adjustments, simplifying multiple bag applicationsEase of matching conveyor speeds and flexibilityRotary or stationary bladeConveyors to meet all application requirementsUpgrades for a variety of environments and applicationsDe-duster removes dust from seal area that creates barriers to sealing... Read More

Wexxar Bel WF20 Fully Automatic Case Former / Case Erector

The Wexxar Bel WF20 is a fully automatic case former / case erector with tape head and tool-less changeover and speeds of up to 20 cases per minute. For the past 25 years, Wexxar's pin-and-dome machines have become the standard for customers who demand the highest quality output and maximum uptime. The pin-and-dome system’s reliability means box one is ready to run every time. A color-coded, tactile guide offers efficient, user-friendly set-up, and the tape version’s tilt-out tape head and easy kip handle adjustments enable convenient, completely tool-less changeovers in less than five minutes. Features Reliable case separation, squaring, and forming Dynamic flap-folding for... Read More

Pack Leader PL-221 Top and Bottom Labeling Machine

The Pack Leader PL-221 top and bottom labeling machine is a versatile, high-quality labeler, eliminating unnecessary complexity from top and bottom labeling applications to make your jobs simpler and more efficient. The PL-221’s dual-head design makes it an excellent choice for simplifying top and bottom labeling jobs, allowing you to label your product in a single pass. Built-in operating instructions and troubleshooting guide make the PL-221 exceptionally easy to use. Hand wheels enable simple adjustments, quick set-up, and easy changeover. In strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, the PL-221 is ruggedly constructed from 304 stainless steel and... Read More

Phoenix PLP-2100 Low Profile Stretch Wrapper

The Phoenix PLP-2100 low-profile stretch wrapper is designed for use with pallet jacks and is an excellent choice for warehouse environments. The PLP-2100 provides consistent, repeatable stretch-wrapping performance and is extremely operator friendly. One-touch operator start and simple film-roll changing make it easy to use for all employees. The PLP-2100 wraps even the toughest loads with very little stretch film. Fast, reliable, and built to last, the PLP-2100 is safe to use and is covered by a full five-year, full-coverage warranty. Features Easy-to-use panel with operator-friendly switches and knobsThree pre-programmable wrap cycles for different load typesVariable-speed control to... Read More