Rototech 708 CS Stretch Wrapper

The Rototech 708 CS stretch wrapper is perfect for heavy and unstable loads. The 708 CS’s automatic cut, clamp and spreading system (CS) saves time—an average of 30 seconds of labor per load—and increases productivity by keeping the operator on the fork truck. For the average customer, this translates to $60,000 in labor savings over the life of the machine. The 708 CS features CUBE technology, to reduce film usage by 30–55%, improving load containment and reducing product damage, to ensure that your product reaches your customer in “as-made” condition. Features R-connect ready7” touch screen control panel with CUBE technology12 operator programmable menusRemote control and... Read More

RENNCO Model 301 Pouch Pack Vertical Bagging System

The RENNCO Model 301 pouch pack (PP) vertical bagging system has an inverted seal system—the horizontal seal bar is beneath the vertical seal—for greater ease in running multiple loose items, such as puzzle pieces, tubes of frosting, injection molded parts, plastic toy parts, and cable ties. Products are fed into the packager via an infeed chute, which can be hand loaded or fed automatically from upstream equipment. The Model 301PP is ideal for kit packaging multiple items in package sizes up to 18" x 24". Advantages to using the 301PP include a user-friendly HMI and programmable changeover, along with significant cost savings compared to using pre-made bags. The 301PP can also be... Read More

Poly Pack Sleeve Wrap Bundlers

Poly Pack sleeve wrap bundlers are among the most versatile machines on the market. The PH series shrink bundlers use a main pusher and seal bar designed for wrapping individual products and collating products into multi-pack configurations. The PH series machines are available with various infeed and collation modules, along with an integrated pad dispenser to create pad-supported shrink packs. When necessary, Poly Pack uses gates, barriers, and decompression plates to control the backpressure of products entering the machine, ensuring smooth product flow throughout the entire shrink-wrap process. Features Intermittent motion sealing for bulls-eye/sleeve wrapsMotorized pusher assembly... Read More

CTM 360a Series Label Applicator

The CTM 360a Series label applicator is extremely versatile and can be set up for a wide variety of label applications, regardless of surface or size. The CTM 360a also allows for a variety of label sizes, with adjustable widths to 5”, 7.5”, or 10”. Each 360a applicator is equipped with a stepper drive, which uses a micro-pulse driver to improve accuracy and performance. The 360a has a combined power supply, amplifier, and position controller to create a single drive package. The new single-axis digital stepper / servo controller controls up to five tasks simultaneously, plus management of variables with expanded I/O, making this drive well-suited for the most demanding production... Read More