PFM Blizzard Cut and Flow Wrap Machine

The PFM Blizzard cut and flow wrap machine makes closed packs with three seals, starting from a flat reel of hot or cold-seal wrapping material. PFM’s patented automatic in-line cutter features two facing knives that follow an elliptical movement at the same speed as the rope. The PFM Blizzard is designed for high-speed bubble gum or toffee packaging, cutting the product precisely and with consistent weight, without residuals/trimmings and imperfections. A double-labeling machine can be added to apply stickers at speeds of up to 1500 per minute. Features Machine-driven by brushless servo-motors with axis motion controller and PLC.Color touchscreen as MMI, can connect to online... Read More

Loma Systems IQ4 Rectangular Search Head Metal Detector

The Loma Systems IQ4 rectangular search head metal detector is designed to be integrated within production lines or conveyor systems. The IQ4 is easy to set, run, and maintain, while minimizing user errors. Conveyor systems comply with strict international standards, including IFS, BRC, and FSMA, and can also be supplied with the highest level of compliance to meet the strict Retail Codes of Practice. With significant improvements in signal processing, the IQ4 delivers excellent detection sensitivity out-of-the-box and provides more line uptime than ever before. An improved lip, screen, and new blue sealing arrangement, combined with ultra-harsh mechanics proven from the IQ3+ range,... Read More

Fischbein Brand Plain Sew System – Model 501P

The Fischbein Brand Plain Sew System model 501P produces highly attractive sewing closures for a variety of flat and gusseted multi-wall paper and laminated, woven polypropylene open-mouth bags. This versatile, high-production system features an all-new operator HMI for setting various run parameters, providing maintenance reminders, and reporting errors. With operating speeds of up to 75 linear feet per minute, the Model 501P is safe, easy to use, and easily integrated into any fully automated bagging line. The 501P provides a fully synchronous sewing system solution, powered by an all-new servo motor for driving the sewing head and uses VFD control for the infeed. Features Servo motor... Read More

Econocorp Spartan Cartoner

The Econocorp Spartan cartoner is a rugged automatic horizontal cartoner for erecting, loading, and closing end-load cartons at speeds of up to 40 cartons per minute. The Spartan cartoner removes an end-load carton from a supply magazine using a vacuum system and erects the carton at a single-product load station. The product is loaded into the carton horizontally, manually or automatically (optional). The loaded carton is transported to the closing position for tuck closure or sealing with either hot melt glue or hot air, and the completed carton is then delivered from the machine automatically to a convenient working height. Features Sanitary stainless steel construction  Intermittent... Read More