Robopac ROBOT S7 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

The Robopac Robot S7 semi-automatic stretch wrapper is a self-propelled, semi-automatic packaging machine, incorporating the latest technologies, including advanced safety systems, a high level of packaging autonomy, and outstanding flexibility. The Robot S7 is designed to wrap and stabilize palletized loads of any shape, size, and weight with stretch film. Its innovative system for facilitated film insertion through the opening of the carriage and power drive technology with brushless motorization enables the Robot S7 to control the film with extreme precision, guaranteeing perfect pre-stretching. The Robot S7 also supports sustainability with low film and energy consumption. Features... Read More

Pearson CE35 Case Erector

The Pearson CE35 case erector offers reliable forming of knockdown cases at speeds of up to 35 cases per minute. The CE35’s compact footprint makes it a preferred choice for plants with limited floor space. Advanced features such as high-visibility machine status lighting, non-contact interlocks, CAT-3 safety circuits, and an easily accessible grace port are standard. Synchronized dual chain drive transports case through closing and sealing section ensure that completed cases are square as they exit the machine. Features Reliable positioning for pickingReliable opening of knockdownsConsistently square casesFast changeoverOptimal case controlReliable closing and sealingHighly reliable... Read More

Lazar Inline Capper Model LC40

The Lazar Inline Capper Model LC40 is a heavy duty, fully automatic in-line capper specifically designed to accommodate various cap sizes, and sort and tighten caps on containers to a pre-determined torque. It is also suitable to torque hand-placed caps, spray pumps, finger pumps, and trigger sprayers. The LC40 is capable of applying up to 400 caps per minute ranging in size from 10 mm to 89 mm. Speed is ultimately determined by the container and cap size. Container size can be up to 1.5 gallons. While most containers require only one set of gripper belts, installation of an additional second set of belts is optional. Features Maximum speed: 400 cpm (depending on cap/bottle)Cap size: 10 mm... Read More

EDL Continuous Motion Inline Automatic Wrapper

The EDL continuous motion inline automatic wrapper accommodates many supported and unsupported products, wrapping random-sized packs when using the same film width and performing optional automatic film splicing. EDL’s continuous motion inline automatic wrap systems are a faster, modified version of the base inline automatic system. A servo controlled, continuous-motion seal jaw moves with the product during the seal process for increased line speeds. Continuous motion inline automatic wrap systems can be designed for wide-ranging applications, and are capable of wrapping up to 35 packs per minute. Features Inline layoutWraps small-to-large products (depending on weight)Accommodates both... Read More