Weigh Right Volumetric Fillers

Weigh Right volumetric fillers are used to fill powders and granular products. Volumetric fillers are more versatile and are gentler on products than a standard auger feeder, and volumetric filling offers higher speed filling and greater dust control. These fillers accommodate a wide range of powders and granular products, including ground spices, seasoning blends, health powders, ground coffee, detergents, chemicals, drink mixes, cake mixes, and similar products. Product comes through the supply hopper inlet and fills a cavity in the rotor. As the rotor cycles, the product is portioned out by meter valve and streams into the container for gradual air displacement. The design puts... Read More

Highlight Predator Semi-Automatic & Automatic Stretch Wrapping Systems

PREDATOR SS: The Highlight Predator SS is the affordable solution for stretch-wrapping loads without stretching your budget. The Predator SS is easy-to-use and features rich, including top and bottom counters, photo eye, and two wrapping modes. A state-of-the-art info screen shows current machine operation and makes troubleshooting easy. The Predator SS lets you precisely adjust the stretch level and film force on your load with the turn of a knob. PREDATOR XS: The Predator XS is designed with extra features that surpass those of other semi-automatic systems. The Predator XS provides greater film savings and improved performance with Select-Stretch. Allen-Bradley PLC, automatic film cut,... Read More

Kallfass Continuous Motion Side Sealers

Kallfass Continuous Motion Side Sealers are fully automatic—perfect for companies that need high quantities of products wrapped quickly. These continuous motion side sealers provide high-quality retail packaging for products including chocolates, software boxes, CDs, books, DVDs, magazines, and other retail products. Using modern servo-motion control, film savings of up to 20% are common, compared to non-servo-controlled machines. One significant benefit of these machines is that they can easily be integrated into existing production lines and wrap products with different dimensions and random spacing. Kallfass Continuous Motion Side Sealers offer outstanding performance at an affordable... Read More

Texwrap 3014ISS Intermittent Motion Side Seal Wrapper

The Texwrap 3014ISS Intermittent Motion Side Seal Wrapper runs very large products at moderate speed. The 3014ISS is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of product sizes and configurations, with a capacity of 30” width and 14” height. Texwrap’s exclusive Versa Seal side seal insures consistent, high-quality seals across wide-ranging film types. The TVS design also controls film tension, allowing consistently strong seals to be made using the minimum film width possible, thereby saving money on every package. The 3014ISS offers flexibility and ease-of-use, with standard auto-spacing control, horizontal and vertical photo eyes, and variable conveyor speeds to relax the film... Read More