CASi-IBOD Intelligent Box Opening Device

The CASi-IBOD intelligent box opening device is an inline, pass-through box-opening solution with automated box cutting for safe inventory extraction. The CASi-IBOD helps eliminate injuries and minimize damaged products associated with cutting boxes manually. The CASi-IBOD is completely automatic, self-feeding, and self-aligning. Boxes of any size can be fed in any order. The CASi-IBOD measures the size of every incoming box, providing precision cuts and extracting items safely. The system uses photo optic and linear displacement measurements to measure each box. After the box is sized, it is automatically captured and positioned for cutting. Features Precision dimensioning... Read More

Serpa Top Load Cartoner

The Serpa top load cartoner family includes single and two-headed carton/tray formers for both glue-and-lock applications, a full line of load cells for all types of products, and tuck and glue carton closers for inline and right angle applications. Each machine module is contained in a separate frame, making the line flexible for future product changes. Every Serpa top load cartoner allows for total access to the operator side of the machine and includes full height guard doors. All changeover points are located on the operator side, making changeover fast and easy. Serpa top load cartoners include full, heavy-duty frames, built for three shifts per day operation, and the quick-change... Read More

How Do I Offer Packaging Equipment Financing to My Customers?

There is no doubt that offering leasing can help increase your sales.  It won’t convert your cash paying customers, but it can help save transactions that would otherwise be lost due to capital budget/cash flow constraints. Selling a payment structure is easier than selling a total price. Offering leasing doesn’t cost you anything and you get paid in full just like a cash sale. So the real questions become “How do I offer financing?” and “When should I offer financing?” How do I offer packaging equipment financing? The “how” is incredibly easy and only takes a few seconds. Using our Payment Calculator, enter the equipment cost and click “Calculate”. …That’s it!... Read More

Closing More Packaging Equipment Sales – Overcoming Capital Budget Limitations

Prospecting isn’t easy.  By the time you get deep enough into your sales process to actually present your packaging equipment to a serious prospect, you have invested a huge amount of time and effort. So it makes sense to squeeze the maximum potential from serious prospects you have already invested in. The key to success in sales is identifying the pain behind the buying decision. Let’s focus on a common reason why serious prospects don’t convert to sales:  “I don’t have room in my capital budget.” How do you overcome this?  Obviously, lowering your equipment cost is not ideal, and it won’t solve your customer’s problem with spending a large cash outlay. The... Read More