JDA Progress Super 30 Auto Tube Filler

The JDA Progess Super 30 auto tube filler is available in three configurations and can be equipped to seal plastic or metal tubes. The Super 30 can also perform footswitch operated dispensing of product for filling jars and bottles. Features JDA Easy view touchscreen systemDisplay showing all automatic settings and related dataProduct output displayStainless steel construction and componentsHigh-response frequency encoder to assure smooth functionVariable-speed drive systemAutomatic tube load system with bulk hopper316 stainless steel product contact partsPiston filler with bottom-up fill and no drip nozzleFill volume adjust equipped with dial indicatorNo tube, no fill sensorHot air... Read More

Garrido S-50 High Speed Continuous Motion Side Sealer

The Garrido S-50 high-speed continuous motion side sealer has three servo motors to control the machine’s belts and ensure accuracy and speed. The infeed conveyor automatically spaces the product and feeds it onto the sealing conveyor, where the product is side sealed continuously. The product then continues onto the take away conveyor and is cross sealed. The cross seal is synchronized with the transfer seal belt, creating a continuous motion to ensure stable product transfer and avoid product slipping as it never stops throughout the sealing process. This machine allows for a variety of products to be packaged, including very long and variable-length products. The S-50 is easy to... Read More

Texwrap 914BVS Continuous Motion Orbital Vertical Wrapping System

The Texwrap 914BVS Continuous Motion Orbital Vertical Wrapping System enables easy end-of-filling-line shrink packaging for bottles, cans, and jars while in the vertical position. The 914BVS is designed for high-speed, highly automated wrapping, with a capacity of 60-70 packs per minute. It’s perfect for contract packagers where products are often manually loaded to form variety or multipacks. The 914BVS uses a full bottom trim seal instead of a lap seal to enclose the product securely, providing an outstanding seal and eliminating the unsightly seam across the side panel. The 914BVS allows smooth, consistent operation with precise print registration and is often used with printed film... Read More

EASTEY Professional Series Automatic Bundler EB35A EB50A EB70A

The EASTEY Professional Series Automatic Bundlers EB35A, EB50A, and EB70A are proven reliable, providing your operation with features found in much more expensive machines. These automatic bundlers are designed and built to give you all the features you need for positive sealing of polyethylene film. EASTEY automatic bundlers are welded on 1/4” cold-rolled steel frames and designed to weather the day-to-day abuse of even the most demanding bundling applications. Each bundler uses two rolls of single-wound film mounted on the same side of the machine and an upper and lower power film unwind for ease of use. Find out why EASTEY has been a leader in the shrink packaging industry for more... Read More