Multifeeder Impresso Label Applicator Machine

The Multifeeder Impresso label applicator machine is the newest design in the company’s labeling product line. With its small footprint and ease of mobility, the Impresso label applicator can fit into even the tightest production areas. This compact label feeder machine offers customizable computer controls with an onboard panel for accurate placement, a 1000-watt brushless servo motor, and durable stainless steel shafts for maximum life expectancy. Features Independently powered 1000-watt servo motor for unwind and rewind.Designed for flexibility to stand-alone or integrate with existing production lines.Highly adaptable software package that can integrate multiple sensor triggers to... Read More

Phoenix PRTG-2150A Automatic Non-Conveyorized Rotary Arm Stretch

The Phoenix PRTG-2150A automatic non-conveyorized rotary arm stretch is designed for extremely heavy, light, tall, and unstable pallet load applications in which a rotating table is impractical. The PRTG-2150A accommodates tall pallet loads, for which the risk of turntable rotation destroying the load prevents using a turntable model. It also handles very light pallet loads and unstable pallet loads, which can fall apart easily on a rotary turntable machine. The rotary arm model keeps light loads stationary for easier wrapping. The PRTG-2150A is also useful in wash-down environments because it has no drives or components at floor level, unlike rotary turntable machines. The rotary arm... Read More

Orion Rotary Tower Automatic Pallet Wrapper

The Orion rotary tower automatic (RTA) pallet wrapper boosts your end-of-line packaging efficiency by eliminating the need for the operator to attach the film tail to the load manually and cut and secure the tail at the end of the cycle. The RTA pallet wrapper performs these functions automatically. The operator simply places the load and pulls a hanging lanyard to start the cycle. The RTA pallet wrapper includes an automatic film tail with attach, cut, and press capabilities, with no maximum load weight capacity. A floor-mounted control panel adds flexibility, and structural steel construction makes it highly durable. A start cycle with hanging lanyard comes standard on the Flex RTA... Read More

Autobag 500 Bagging System

The Autobag 500 bagging system is a technologically advanced, automatic filling and sealing machine, designed for reliability, flexibility, and optimized packaging throughput. The Autobag 500 is capable of cycling at rates of more than 100 bags per minute, maximizing machine uptime and minimizing total cost of ownership. The Autobag 500 is quality engineered with an innovative design, with no light curtains or double palm switches needed to achieve safe hand-load operation. It can be configured for left or right-hand access to the HMI, cycle switch, and bag-loading area, for improved ergonomics and operator productivity.  The Autobag 500 has flexibility built in, to meet the needs of... Read More