Smipack BP1402AS Monoblock Automatic Shrink Wrapper

The Smipack BP1402AS monoblock automatic shrink wrapper with sealing bar is extremely versatile: it can pack a variety of products, including glass and PET bottles, cans, boxes, trays, jars, and cartons of various sizes in a wide range of pack collations. They can be used in industries including beverages, food, chemicals, wine and spirits, cosmetics, detergents, wood, textile, graphics, etc. The BP series meets a wide variety of customer demands and ensures an attractive quality/price ratio. Purchase or lease? Consider the benefits of leasing your Smipack BP1402AS monoblock automatic shrink wrapper acquisition. Leasing is a strong option, which can help you: Maximize your ROI... Read More

Phoenix PLP 2150 Low Profile Stretch Wrapper

The PLP-2150 low profile stretch wrapper is the workhorse of the Phoenix low-profile family of wrappers. The PLP-2150 is designed for use with pallet jacks and is customizable to fit specific stretch-wrapping needs, from chips to bricks, providing consistent, repeatable stretch-wrapping performance.  One-touch operator start and simple film-roll changing makes the PLP-2150 extremely operator friendly and easy to use for all employees. It wraps even the toughest loads with very little stretch film. It’s fast, reliable, and safe to use and is covered by a 5-year, full-coverage warranty. Features 45 loads per hour... Read More

APM Horizontal Band Sealers

APM horizontal band sealers are the ideal choice for packaged products that lay flat (e.g., tortillas) or are placed at a slight angle (e.g., ravioli) for sealing. All APM horizontal band sealing system models are manufactured to fit specific application requirements and production rates. Also, the horizontal sealing head can be mounted on a rolling stand and placed next to an existing variable-speed conveyor. Applications include packaging for medical products, pharmaceuticals, food, candy, stationery, textiles, bakery, toys, crafts, disposables, hardware and garden products, electronics, pet supplies, decorative items, automotive products, poultry, meat, seafood, etc. Purchase or lease?... Read More

Pack Leader PL-521 Horizontal Wraparound Labeling System

The Pack Leader PL-521 horizontal wraparound labeling system is designed specifically to accommodate horizontal labeling of slim, non-freestanding cylindrical containers, such as pens, test tubes, syringes, and lipsticks. An angled roller conveyor ensures accurate labeling by securing the product on its side as it moves through the label head. The PL-521’s built-in instructions, memory preset, and troubleshooting guide on the operator interface enhance ease-of-use. Hand wheels enable simple adjustments, quick set-up, and easy changeover. The PL-521 is made of 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum, in strict compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP) standards and is treated... Read More