Multivac T600 Tray Sealer

The Multivac T600 tray sealer is a compact automatic tray sealer that can be integrated into packaging lines. With a variety of die sizes and rapid product change capability, the T600 is the ideal packaging solution for a variety of standard applications in the medium output range. The T600 is suitable for industrial use, packaging foodstuffs, medical and pharmaceutical products, and industrial and consumer goods. It seals trays made from various materials, such as plastic, aluminum, cardboard, and foamed materials, as well as a variety of cover films. The T600 enables fast, efficient pack output with gentle tray handling and is suitable for the manufacture of packaging with MAP and EMAP... Read More

Hamer Model 355 Combination Weigh Bagger

The Hamer Model 355 combination weigh bagger machine is designed specifically for fast, easy bagging of potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips, and other root vegetables. The 355 supports paper, mesh, burlap and poly bags, and it also has an attachment for filling boxes. An integrated product hopper and feed belt dispenses to the bag, clamped to a pneumatic bag clamp. A mechanical counterbalance scale shuts off the feed when the fill target weight is achieved. Features 20 – 100 lb fill weightsUp to 400, 50 lb bags per hourHeavy duty, all steel constructionAutomatic bag clampCasters for portabilitySelf contained feeding and filling unitBox filling option Purchase or lease? Consider... Read More

Wulftec SML-200 Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

The Wulftec SML-200 semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapper is a competitively-priced, low-profile turntable stretch-wrapping system, ideal for a variety of applications. The SML-200 lets you upgrade the control panel, base, carriage, and tower/wrap height at any time. All Wulftec structures are made of heavy-duty steel for rugged performance even in the harshest work environments. Like other Wulftec SMART™ series wrappers, the SML-200 lets you wrap two inches from the turntable, guaranteeing that the product is properly secured to the pallet, resulting in a greater stability and less damage. Features NEMA 4/12 control panel – dust tight and waterproofWell organized control panel,... Read More

Soco TT-10 Case Sealer

The Soco TT-10 case sealer is designed primarily for flat items, such as graphics, mirrors, cabinet doors, half-knock-down furniture, book parcels, etc., requiring top taping only. The brush unit can be removed without tools and replaced by a standard dispenser, enabling the TT-10 to be used as a top and bottom sealer for conventional cases. Features Easy to adjust for various case sizesEasy tape and dispenser replacementEasy to maintain, with low maintenance and spare parts costsElectro-galvanized finish Purchase or lease? Consider the benefits of leasing your Soco TT-10 case sealer acquisition. Leasing is a strong option, which can help you: Maximize your ROI – Leasing can reduce your... Read More