TurboFil Versitrack Configurable Filling and Assembly Station

The Versitrack configurable filling and assembly station is TurboFil’s most flexible system for filling and assembly. The Versitrack is extremely clean, making it popular in the pharmaceuticals industry. At the core of the station is a new generation of linear synchronous motor technology that provides significantly higher performance than conventional transportation and factory automation systems. The Versitrack’s operation is based on a series of interchangeable holding pucks that are controlled independently, moving the components from station-to-station for processing. The pucks and stations are customized, making the system adaptable to a wide variety of components, such as... Read More

Spee-Dee High-Speed Rotary Filling Machines

Spee-Dee high-speed rotary filling machinesfill rigid containers quickly and accurately. These high-quality filling machines are ideal for the food, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries, quickly, safely, and cleanly filling dry products into rigid containers in wide-ranging sizes, shapes and types: Plastic tubs and bottles – for products such as nuts, spices, ground cheeses, whey, protein, nutraceutical powders, infant formula and baby food, gummies, and pet food and treatsGlass – for products such as spicesFiberboard – for household products such as detergentsMetal cans – for products such as milk powder Spee-Dee’s high-speed rotary fillers integrate easily with filling... Read More

Robopac Prasmatic TC 500/600 Shrink Wrapping Machines

The Robopac Prasmatic TC 500/600 shrink-wrapping machines are the best solutions for medium-to-high-speed end-line packaging operations. Packaging speeds range from 55 to 65 packages-per-minute, depending on the model, type of packaging, and product characteristics. The separation system features electronic control for medium and high speed. Product separation is carried out through a double pair of teeth, with bottom infeed between the products. Enables easy adjustments during format changes. Various film reel positioning solutions are available for excellent ergonomics. Better access for format-change operations and reel sealing means excellent operator-machine interaction. The machines... Read More

Federal Dairy Level Filling Systems

Federal dairy level filling systems are available in many different sized filling systems to fill single-serve bottles at speeds ranging from 30 bpm to more than 500 bpm. Federal’s filling systems are capable of running glass, PET, HDPE, and other plastic bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes, including pint, quart, half-gallon, and gallon. Dairy level fillers are commonly configured with Federal’s Gem 3, 4, or 5. Federal can also incorporate Fogg or Zalkin cappers. Optional Features Fixed or flexible plumbing3A certificationValves can include diaphragm to control foamAutomatic CIP trough system Purchase or lease? Consider the benefits of leasing your Federal dairy level filling... Read More