AFM LX-350 Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator

The AFM LX-350 shrink sleeve label applicator is an in-line, single-head, mandrel style labeling system designed and engineered to meet the demands of your workflow. The LX-350 accommodates any conveyor, and its sturdy design and construction delivers reliable 24-hour operation. The innovative standard dual-unwind system maximizes production with only brief splicing stops. Product runs are programmed with a user-friendly touch-screen control panel HMI, featuring standard and custom menus that can be password protected for added security. The LX-350 is designed for high-volume production and is the ideal solution for industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical,... Read More

Omega Design Robotic Bottle Unscrambler

The Omega Design robotic bottle unscrambler is a fully automatic system, featuring a parallel-kinematic, multi-axis robot to separate, orient, and position bottles onto a discharge conveyor or into stabilizing pucks, using a parallel kinematic multi-axis robot with vacuum cupped end effector. Ideal for complex bottle shapes, including personal care products, consumer goods, and tottles. An integrated hopper system delivers bottles to a lane diverter, where bottles are placed onto two infeed vacuum conveyors. An overhead vision system transmits bottle information to optimize robot motion. Features Compact footprint Integrated hopper and electrical enclosureFully enclosed systemSignificantly... Read More

ESS Robotic Pallet Cells

ESS robotic pallet cells come in a variety of configurations, to satisfy any palletizing need. Robotic Mini-Pallet Cell The ESS robotic mini-pallet cell incorporates a FANUC multi-axis robot. Ideal for single or dual-pallet configurations. Package min. / Max.: 35 kg max. payload (including end effector). Mini Cell-E Robotic Palletizer The ESS Mini Cell-E robotic palletizer incorporates a FANUC M710iC-series robot is a cost-effective, floor-mounted palletizer with a compact footprint. Package min. / Max.: 70kg max. payload (including end effector) Collaborative Robotic Palletizer Cell ESS’s collaborative robotic palletizer cell incorporates a FANUC CRX series collaborative robot... Read More

TurboFil Versitrack Configurable Filling and Assembly Station

The Versitrack configurable filling and assembly station is TurboFil’s most flexible system for filling and assembly. The Versitrack is extremely clean, making it popular in the pharmaceuticals industry. At the core of the station is a new generation of linear synchronous motor technology that provides significantly higher performance than conventional transportation and factory automation systems. The Versitrack’s operation is based on a series of interchangeable holding pucks that are controlled independently, moving the components from station-to-station for processing. The pucks and stations are customized, making the system adaptable to a wide variety of components, such as... Read More