Revolver Auto Band-It Stretch Wrapper

The Revolver Auto Band-It  unitizes products quickly, securely, and economically. Select the number of wraps per band or continuous wrapping for full film coverage on your product. The film is heat sealed at the end of the wrapping process for extra security. Also, the film's stretch level is fully adjustable to match your specific load-holding requirements. The Auto Band-It can be custom designed to fit your unique packaging needs, and it can be integrated with conveyors or other equipment to maximize productivity. Features Easy-to-use main controlsQuick access for changing 3” or 5” wide rolls of film or adjusting film stretchVigor PLC for reliable operationReliable, expandable,... Read More

Loveshaw CF-25 Case Erector/Former

The Loveshaw CF-25 case erector/former is a high-performance, industrial grade carton erector machine from Little David, designed to form and bottom-seal corrugated cases at speeds up to 15 cases per minute. The CF-25 has a compact footprint, with patented case-flow technology allowing it to maintain its versatility without taking up excessive floor space. Its improved case transfer system features an upgraded vacuum system and three vacuum cups. A chain-and-lug drive system ensures that a square case is formed, eliminating box stalling and slipping. An easy-load hopper ensures simple, efficient case loading and changeover. Features Erects and bottom seals up to 10 cpm (standard) and... Read More

Loma CW3 Run-Wet Checkweigher

The Loma CW3 Run-Wet Checkweigher is designed specifically for high-care food environments, withstanding high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning regimes. It’s ideal for factories that handle food processed prior to cooking or final packaging. Tested to IP69 standards, the Run-Wet offers a variety of new features and smart design details to enhance efficiency, including an easier-to-clean frame and reduced contaminant traps for optimum high-care cleaning with no risk of water ingress. Along with easier, more effective cleaning, the system’s automatic mean weight correct safeguards your factory in compliance-to-weight legislation. It also maximizes production, with no drying time... Read More

Fischbein Pinch Bag Closer – PBC 6000

The Fischbein pinch bag closer – PBC 6000 is a heavy-duty sealer, producing sift-resistant bag closure for wide-ranging products, from food additives and pet food to pesticides to fertilizers in pinch-style paper bags. A variable-speed, direct-drive system provides greater production on automated lines, sealing up to 75 linear feet per minute. A patented breakaway design eliminates costly downtime caused by bag jams, while allowing easier access for cleaning and service. Features Seals a variety of pre-glued multi-wall, paper pinch-style bags.The patented breakaway design eliminates costly downtime caused by bag jams while allowing easy cleaning and service of the hot-air manifold and... Read More