Spee-Dee Checkweighers

Spee-Dee’s PLC-based checkweighers check and verify product weight at high speeds, helping the food, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries reduce costly product loss by ensuring accurate weights. SpeeDee checkweighers use electro magnetic force restoration weighing technology to guarantee precise, reliable measurement that’s 10 times more accurate than conventional strain gauge load cells. These high-speed checkweighers integrate easily into existing packaging lines or with Spee-Dee auger, cup, and rotary fillers, and they can also be used as stand-alone units. A unique three-leg design and integrated electrical controls incorporated into the frame create a small footprint that... Read More

Harpak-ULMA Galaxy Flow Wrapper

The Harpak-ULMA Galaxy flow wrapper machine is designed to serve market sectors that demand high-production packaging of fresh product using stretch film. The Galaxy’s wide variety of applications and easy operation and cleaning make it ideal for packaging centers. It features robust mechanics and state-of-the-art electronics, which support its high reliability and flexibility with wide-ranging trays and products. Features Improved throughputInnovative design combines servo filling with squeegee staging for greater precision and flexibility, clean seals, no leakers, and zero headspaceConstant motion bagger offers speeds of up to 30 gallons per minuteOptional check-weight... Read More

Digi AW-5600ATII High Performance Weigh-Wrap-Label System

The Digi AW-5600ATII high-performance weigh-wrap-label system is an automatic, all-in-one wrapping solution system designed for operational comfort and environmental friendliness. The AW-5600ATII reduces workload with simplified operation and conserves film and label consumption to achieve lower cost and reduced environmental footprint. The AW-5600ATII enables weighing, wrapping, and labeling with a single machine and one operator. It increases productivity with high-speed processing of up to 36 packages-per-minute, reduced film replacement, and a larger control panel. Label content can be checked on the display at any time, helping prevent labeling errors. The machine automatically... Read More

Combi TF 40G Tray Former

The Combi TF 40G high-speed tray former powers through up to 40 trays per minute, allowing you to increase the rate of tray production while occupying a smaller footprint. The TF 40G uses four-corner glue construction for a perfectly shaped tray every time. This high-speed tray former uses a standard, easy-to-load 5’ power magazine, giving you longer runtime between loading, another way the 40G saves time. Features High-speed tray former produces up to 40 TPMEasy-load 5’ power tray blank magazineSmall 5’5” x 7’11” x 6’8” footprint Purchase or lease? Consider the benefits of leasing your Combi TF 40G tray former acquisition. Leasing is a strong option, which can help you:... Read More