PFM Shamal Horizontal Flowrap Machine

The PFM Shamal horizontal flowrap machine is a servo-controlled horizontal flowrap machine with bottom reel that produces pillow packs with three airtight seals from a reel of heat sealable wrapping material. The Shamal is also designed for modified atmosphere packaging. The Shamal includes the LVA function, which is the automatic adjustment of bag length according to the product length, and a print registration facility. The extended rotary sealing concept wraps products up to a maximum height of 190 mm.

The new design of the main guard, shuttle conveyors, crimper assembly, and crimper height adjustment improve the machine’s user friendliness and reduce set-up times. The Shamal is constructed in AISI 304, with large radius corners. All product-contact parts can be sanitized and are made of FDA-approved materials. The machine delivers packaging speeds of up to 120 cycles per minute if supplied with fixed-pitch function, or 90 with LVA function.


  • Flexibility: the format can be changed in minutes.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Variable packaging speeds.

Purchase or lease?

Consider the benefits of leasing your PFM Shamal horizontal flowrap machine acquisition:

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ROI Analysis Tool

Leasing is a strong option, which can help you:

  • Maximize your ROI – Leasing can reduce your equipment payback time to zero. To the extent labor and material savings exceed the monthly payments, you can go cash positive on day one.
  • Include all the equipment options you need without a major initial cash outlay.
  • Spread the cost over time, with affordable, fixed monthly payments.
  • Improve cash flow/conserve cash.
  • Avoid capital budget limitations.
  • Preserve bank lines of credit for when you need them most.
  • Qualify for available tax savings.

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