Breathe New Life into Packaging Automation Projects Stuck in Limbo

How many quoted packaging equipment projects in your pipeline are stalled because your customer’s financial decision makers aren’t blessing the automation acquisition?  Is there really nothing you can do about that?

Removing chance from the equation

Impressing your operations contact with the value of automating is one thing.  But after that so much is left up to chance; there are so many factors beyond your control: 

  • You hope your operations contact will convey an accurate and complete picture to and has a good rapport with their finance department.
  • You hope the finance department can look beyond the cost on your quote to see the value of automation – even though they don’t work with or understand the equipment.
  • You hope that your quote doesn’t get buried or outshined by the many other projects demanding their attention for budget allocation.
  • You hope that all of the multiple decision makers typically involved in equipment acquisitions are on the same page.

…That’s a lot of hoping and not much control over what decision makers see.

Logically, if you need to convince multiple people, it would be ideal for you not only to reach each one of them but also to have control over how the benefits of automation are conveyed to them.

The solution is straightforward:  Provide them with an ROI analysis.

The way to finance departments’ hearts is through numbers and dollars.  Nothing has more impact than showing them the monetary benefits of automation.

Taking control

You may be wondering:  Don’t finance departments create their own ROI analysis as part of their due diligence?  Some – but not all – do.   But if ROI is being calculated by people who don’t understand packaging equipment, what are the odds they are considering all of the important factors?

That brings you back to hoping – Hoping that the few who take the time to calculate ROI are not influenced by an incomplete understanding of automation.

It naturally follows that you, with your in-depth knowledge of the equipment, are the right person to provide the ROI analysis – with the added benefit that you would know exactly what information is being put in front of the decision makers.

How to make it happen?

ROI is not a new concept.  But historically, it has not been easy to provide an ROI analysis.  Complicated, time-consuming spreadsheets that may or may not factor in all of the benefits specific to packaging equipment have always been the norm. 

Making your life easier

We have been part of the packaging equipment industry for 30 years.  We work with and talk to equipment distributors and manufacturers daily, and more importantly – we listen to them.  

What they told us is this:  Presenting ROI is a crucial part of the sales process, but a simple way to generate an ROI analysis did not exist.

…So we decided to create one.

Based on feedback from the people in the trenches – sales representatives and equipment specialists – we developed an ROI analysis tool that is tailored to the packaging equipment industry, easy-to-use, free, online, and takes less than a minute to use.

In short, we created a tool to make your life easier and give you back some controlover what is presented to the decision makers who hold the purse strings.

The real deal

“Free, simple, make your life easier, help you close more pending quotes, help you improve your quote-to-close ratio”…what’s the catch?  There really isn’t one.

Sales representatives across the country are already successfully using it and giving glowing reviews.

You don’t have to take our word for it – Check out the tool and see for yourself. 

The tool takes less than a minute to use:  Click here.

Moving decision makers off the fence

Try the tool for your projects stuck in limbo to help convert them into sales.

Even better…

Proactively start including an ROI analysis with your quotes from the beginning. 

When your quotes reach the decision makers’ desks, they will be paired with an ROI analysis showing the cost of doing nothing.  Show them why they can’t afford not to bless the acquisition now.  Help change their mindset from only seeing the cost to seeing the monetary benefits of the acquisition.

To further explore the capabilities of the tool, contact us at 888-692-6722.