ADCO Model 15D105 Hand Load Cartoner

The ADCO Model 15D105 hand load cartoner is capable of forming a wide range of carton sizes and styles at speeds up to 125 cartons per minute and is ideal for the most demanding and cost-conscious production environments. The 15D105 features a continuous-motion design, delivering smooth, efficient, reliable operation all day, every day. It’s designed for easy conversion to a fully automatic barrel-cam machine so you can rest assured that the 15D105 can change with your production needs. Fast changeover, simple operation, and excellent ergonomics are all hallmarks of the 15D105, making this machine an incredibly popular choice. Like all ADCO machines, the 15D105 is constructed of... Read More

ME109 Coffee and Tea Net Weigh Filler

The ME109 coffee and tea net weigh filler isfast, up to 12 cycles per minutewith just one operator, and accurate to 1/100 oz (1/10 gram). It’s also easy to use. Any employee can be up and running within minutes, and a two-digit code recalls presets for commonly used weights. The ME109 is easy to clean, with all stainless steel contact points. It’s durable, with many units having been in continuous daily use for 30 years. The ME109 is highly economical, usually paying for itself in 6 months, and it’s modular, allowing you to add vacuum conveyors, nitro flush kits, mobile floor hopper, and stand up pouch former. Features Height: 84”Width: 50”Depth: 35”Cycles per minute: 12 per... Read More

XR75 DualX X-Ray System

The XR75 DualX X-Ray system can detect contaminants as small as 0.4 mm and significantly improves detection of low-density or soft contaminants, such as bones in poultry and products with overlapping pieces in a pack or bag, such as fries, frozen vegetables, and chicken nuggets, along with other food products. The DualX X-ray system analyzes two X-ray signals, both high and low energy, for a higher detection rate of low-density items, along with foreign materials not previously detectable by standard X-ray systems. DualX analyzes differences between organic and inorganic items to effectively detect contaminants such as stone, glass, rubber, metal, and even poultry bones. The DualX takes QC... Read More

A-B-C Model 101 Case Packer

The A-B-C Model 101 case packer enables gentle, no-drop packing of all container styles. The Model 101’s smooth robotic packing action ensures maximum bottle stability when packing lightweight plastic containers; protects glass integrity when packing bottles or jars; and enables no-impact handling of heavy containers. Everything from the machine frame to the gripper assemblies to the bottle handling components is built for reliable, long-term operation. With its low maintenance requirements and quick changeover, the Model 101 is production proven for top performance and is a top choice for a variety of packing applications. Features Gentle product handling and precise operationPacks... Read More