Clamco 6800CS Automatic Side Sealer

The Clamco 6800CS automatic side sealer is a highly efficient sealer, combining a hot-knife end seal with an adjustable seal and trim knife that’s actuated when the product moves past the cross seal. The 6800CS can pack products of any length at high speed. The 6800CS wraps up to 4200 packs per hour, delivering conveyor speeds of up to 100 ft/min (150 ft/min for the 6800CS-XL). It’s perfect for polyolefin or polyethylene center-folded shrink film. Packages can be as large as 8″ high x 16″ wide (up to 13.5″ high x 29″ wide for the 6800CS-XL version). Any length is possible on both units. The 6800CS can be set up in minutes, is easy to program, and offers multiple operating modes... Read More

Multivac Model T200 Traysealer

The Multivac Model T200 traysealer is a mobile, free-standing unit, offering everything needed to produce high-quality tray packs, flexibly and cost-effectively.The T200 traysealer is suitable for packaging foodstuffs, medical and pharmaceutical products, and industrial and consumer goods. The T200 seals trays made from a variety of materials, including plastic, aluminum, cardboard and foamed materials, and a wide variety of cover films. Trays are processed reliably and safely. The T200 is suitable for manufacturing MAP and EMAP packs, and vacuum skin packaging, and it’s highly flexible due to its compact size. Purchase or lease? Consider the benefits of leasing your Multivac Model T200... Read More

Axon ThermoPoint Steam Shrink Tunnels

Axon ThermoPoint steam shrink tunnels are high-performance models that provide three-zone flexibility, with the capability to set steam rates, heights, and angles independently in each zone for optimum shrink results. A single ThermoPoint tunnel can accommodate wide-ranging applications and production speeds. For applications with high shrink requirements, high speeds, or challenging container geometries, a dual tunnel, six-zone configuration delivers the required performance. ThermoPoint shrink tunnels offer tool-less container changeovers, and the changeover process is simple, intuitive, and repeatable. Like every Axon shrink tunnel, ThermoPoint offers the flexibility to perform... Read More

ARPAC 708HB-16 Shrink Bundler

The ARPAC 708HB-16 right-angle, intermittent-motion shrink bundler is designed for pharmaceutical, health, and beauty industry applications. The 708HB-16 has an ultra-compact design and economical price, and a capacity of up to 25 bundles per minute, depending on product specifications. For faster output, it can be configured with dual lanes to run up to 50 bundles per minute. The 708HB-16 has an all-stainless-steel frame, ideal for clean operating environments. Its telescoping tunnel conveyor is designed for fast product change dead plates and for transfer of small product from dead plate into the tunnel. The 708HB-16 offers a variety of multipack configurations, with multi-row collation... Read More