Polypack Cardboard Wraparound Case Packers

Polypack cardboard wraparound case packers are high-speed continuous motion and intermittent motion wraparound case packers. With corrugated wraparound packaging, cardboard sheets are die-cut and folded. Overlapping flaps are located at the sides, and cases are filled from the side. Wraparound packaging machines reduce the amount of corrugate overlaps significantly, while providing strong cases for palletizing and distribution. Wraparound cases offer savings on materials compared to conventional RSC by eliminating redundant overlaps. Polypack’s WR series wraparound case packers are highly versatile, running various configurations, including multi-layer formats, all on the same machine,... Read More

Auto Labe Model 155 Automatic Print & Apply Labeler

The Auto Labe Model 155 automatic print and apply labeler incorporates a PLC, allowing superior versatility and control for wide-ranging applications. The Model 155’s LCD display screen enables easy-view menus for programming and troubleshooting. The Model 155 is available for tamp, blow, and wipe-on configurations and can be customized with a variety of options. Features Exceptional placement accuracyBuilt for industrial environmentsFlexible mounting allows labeling from the side, top, or bottomTamp-down for recessed label applicationsTamp/blowAdjacent side carton labelingCorner wrap carton labelingWarning towerHeavy duty standLow label kit, smart tamp Purchase or lease? Consider... Read More

Pack Leader SL-10 Stand Alone Sleeve Labeler

The Pack Leader SL-10 stand alone sleeve labeler series uses the latest shrink technology, with the added benefit of large touchscreen controls. The mainframe height can be adjusted automatically through the SL-10’s user friendly controls. The SL-10 is designed for durability and will remain stable and operational even with long-term use. Features Modular design and user-friendly interfaceFulfills various production needs at a reasonable pricePneumatically powered control system with customizable sleeve lengthMade with stainless steel and hardened anodized aluminum for durability and eleganceSymmetrical design keeps the machine stable and durable for long-term massive production... Read More

StanTech Spider Tray Former

The StanTech Spider tray former uses hot melt or mechanically tucked tabs. Designs vary from open trays, trays with hinged lids, and fold-over tops with cutouts to hold product. Custom tray designs with perforations allow lidded trays to transform into shelf-ready packaging. Larger trays with lids can also have supporting columns in the middle. Trays are suitable for packing boxes, bags, cups, containers, and more. The Spider can run B, C, and thin E flute board types. Features Non-corrosive version availableSelf-adjustability via servo motorsCustom tray style (open tray, hinged lid, closed tray)Remote troubleshooting Purchase or lease? Consider the benefits of leasing your StanTech Spider... Read More