BestPack ESHB Carton Erector

The BestPack ESHB carton erector is an innovative, high-performance carton erector/sealer using a bottom carton pull system in the hopper. The ESHB is designed for RSC cartons where length and width have the same measurements (square cartons) and also standard rectangular cartons. The ESHB is built for heavy use, with quick and simple carton size change over. All BestPack units are available in standard baked-enamel finish and food-grade 304 stainless steel for 21 CFR 110 compliance. The adjustments for the hopper width, carton width, and carton height are fine-tuned with easy-to-adjust screw drives. Features Heavy-duty 3 mm CNC cut and welded frame, including upper welded legs Carton... Read More

Pack Leader SL-77 Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

The Pack Leader SL-77 shrink-sleeve labeling machine is designed for full-body sleeve labeling applications and tamper-evident applications. The SL series is well-suited to a wide variety of industries and applications, and the tamper-resistant “neckbander” is ideal for beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics companies. The SL series features a large touch-control screen and advanced programmable logic computer, enabling superior labeling speed and accuracy. The SL-77 applies shrink-sleeve labels at speeds of 40 bpm – up to 80 bpm depending on label size, product spacing, product shape, and line conditions. The SL-77 is fully enclosed and features an integrated touchscreen... Read More

CTM 360a Series Label Applicator

The CTM 360a Series label applicator is extremely versatile and can be set up for a wide variety of label applications, regardless of surface or size. The CTM 360a also allows for a variety of label sizes, with adjustable widths to 5”, 7.5”, or 10”. Each 360a applicator is equipped with a stepper drive, which uses a micro-pulse driver to improve accuracy and performance. The 360a has a combined power supply, amplifier, and position controller to create a single drive package. The new single-axis digital stepper / servo controller controls up to five tasks simultaneously, plus management of variables with expanded I/O, making this drive well-suited for the most demanding production... Read More

Lantech C-2000 Case Erector

The Lantech C-2000 case erector ensures precise case management. Square cases pack better, stack better, and protect better, providing the structural integrity to deliver the performance the designer intended. In fact, cases lose 30% of their stacking strength if their sides are not aligned. Thinner corrugated, temperature and humidity changes, and variations in case blanks can cause cases to become “unsquared” or lead to machine jams. Lantech Case Erectors overcome these barriers, with 100% control of cases throughout the entire erecting process, ensuring that your cases perform as designed and are produced with maximum efficiency. Features Easy to use, with simple design and quick... Read More