3M-Matic™ Random Case Sealer 7000r3 High Speed Pro

Sealing uniform loads is straightforward, but what if you need to seal a variety of case sizes on the same production line? A random case sealer gives you the flexibility to do exactly that, automatically adjusting for case height and width. The 3M-Matic Random Case Sealer 7000r3 High Speed Pro is designed to process up to 28 different case sizes, at up to 150 feet per minute per minute, using four taping heads and standard 3” packing tape. The 3M-Matic uses photo eye detectors to center cartons of various widths and keep the cases aligned, for smooth, automatic, precise adjustments to various case heights. Low-impact sealing protects cases from damage. Fast and flexible The 3M-Matic... Read More

The PAC Machinery FW 400F Flow Wrapper

The FW 400F horizontal flow wrapper from PAC Machinery is designed for products that need to be packaged individually, including food items such as candy bars, chocolate, brownies, buns, crackers, ice cream bars, and popsicles. It’s also ideal for electronic parts and medical products. The compact FW 400F can achieve speeds of up to 120 packages-per-minute—up to 180 packages-per-minute with the twin-jaw version. It’s the perfect choice for everything from small start-ups to large companies with higher speed requirements. Trouble-free packaging Products are fed into the machine either manually or automatically and enclosed in a tube of film. The packaging material is sealed at the... Read More

Robopac Robot S6 with Cube Technology Stretch Wrapper

The Robopac Robot S6 with CUBE Technology is an innovative portable stretch wrapper that’s both functional and user-friendly. With its seven-inch color touch screen, it’s as easy to use as your smart phone. The Robot S6 reduces film usage by 30–55%, improves your load containment, and reduces product damage. It’s also portable, delivering 25% greater productivity with minimal impact to current processes, and it’s a great solution for extremely large loads. The Robot S6 can wrap loads of any length and width, despite taking up very little floor space, and it can be moved out of the way easily when it’s not in use CUBE technology Robopac’s innovative CUBE... Read More

Lantech Case Erectors: Square Cases Every Time

Square cases are essential to protecting products. Lantech case erectors can help you ensure cases that are square and strong and provide years of rugged service. Choose the right model Lantech has a variety of case erector models, all quality designed and built to withstand years of heavy use. Here’s a comparison table of their various models of case erectors. Click the individual model links for detailed descriptions of each model. NEW CI-2000 – 20 cases per minute with speed option. Tape or hotmelt. NEW CI-1000 – 25 cases per minute with speed option. Tape or hotmelt. C-2000 – 25 cases per minute with speed option. Tape, hotmelt, crash / auto lock. C-1000 – 30 cases per minute... Read More