Packaging Equipment Leasing and Financing

Over 75% of US companies use some form of financing when acquiring equipment — for good reasons. Financing – particularly leasing – allows them to Overcome capital budget limitations. Preserve cash flow. Conserve bank lines of credit for when they need them the most. Achieve their ROI through labor/material savings with affordable monthly payments. Pay for equipment with future profit instead of working capital. Take advantage of available tax benefits. Defer sales/use tax by paying it over time with monthly lease payments instead of up front with the purchase. Why does working with a specialized lender matter?  Won’t any lender do?   When searching for lenders for... Read More

Robopac Robot S6 with Cube Technology Stretch Wrapper

The Robopac Robot S6 with CUBE Technology is an innovative portable stretch wrapper that’s both functional and user-friendly. With its seven-inch color touch screen, it’s as easy to use as your smart phone. The Robot S6 reduces film usage by 30–55%, improves your load containment, and reduces product damage. It’s also portable, delivering 25% greater productivity with minimal impact to current processes, and it’s a great solution for extremely large loads. The Robot S6 can wrap loads of any length and width, despite taking up very little floor space, and it can be moved out of the way easily when it’s not in use CUBE technology Robopac’s innovative CUBE... Read More

Lantech Case Erectors: Square Cases Every Time

Square cases are essential to protecting products. Lantech case erectors can help you ensure cases that are square and strong and provide years of rugged service. Choose the right model Lantech has a variety of case erector models, all quality designed and built to withstand years of heavy use. Here’s a comparison table of their various models of case erectors. Click the individual model links for detailed descriptions of each model. NEW CI-2000 – 20 cases per minute with speed option. Tape or hotmelt. NEW CI-1000 – 25 cases per minute with speed option. Tape or hotmelt. C-2000 – 25 cases per minute with speed option. Tape, hotmelt, crash / auto lock. C-1000 – 30 cases per minute... Read More

How leasing reduces equipment payback period to zero

When we acquire a piece of packaging equipment, we do so because it will help us make more money. The purchase of a stretch wrapper, for example, will result in lower labor costs, decrease material usage, and better secure our products during the shipping process. The purchase of an automatic bagger will increase revenue by scaling up production. In both scenarios – lower costs and higher revenues – we see a significant increase our company’s cash flow. Let’s say we spend $45,000 on a flow wrapper, and that flow wrapper increases our cash flow by $15,000 a year. It will take three years for us to recoup the initial $45,000 investment. Those three years are the payback period. Until... Read More