Combi CE-10 Case Erector Bottom Case Sealer

The Combi CE-10 case erector bottom case sealer is an automatic case erector that erects and bottom seals corrugated cases at speeds of 500–720 cases per hour. Combi’s value-priced case erecting equipment is ideal for applications that require greater throughput than manual case erecting can provide. This versatile case erector creates instant labor savings and increased production for a wide range of medium-speed applications. With its industry-leading standard features such as powered magazine and low-case and low-tape alarms, and fast, no-tool changeovers, the CE-10 case erector is a simple, operator-friendly solution for your packaging line. Features... Read More

Wexxar BEL 150 Semi-Automatic Case Tape Sealer

The Wexxar BEL 150 semi-automatic case tape sealer is a high-quality, top-and-bottom, pressure-sensitive tape case sealer designed for the entry-level market. This compact machine seals wide-ranging case sizes and requires limited floor space. When combined with a BEL case former, it allows one operator to form, pack, and seal corrugated cases in a single operation. The BEL 150 features a heavy-duty, anodized C-beam aluminum welded frame for extreme robustness and sound structure. Along with Wexxar Bel's uni-drive system, the drive belts are always synchronized, eliminating any potential for case skew and ensuring a square seal even after years of extended use. The BEL 150 can be paired... Read More

Texwrap EPS-3322 Series E-commerce Shrink Packaging or Bagging Systems

The Texwrap EPS-3322 Series e-commerce shrink packaging and bagging systems make product shipping fast and seamless, creating custom-sized, ready-to-ship mail packages for high-demand e-commerce applications. For e-commerce business owners, precise packaging and shipping creates a more positive customer experience and reduces impact to packaging performance and throughput. Working at a rate of 20 packs per minute, the EPS 3322 is significantly faster than manual packaging. It is capable of integration with a labeler and multi-carrier shipping software, and gathering and reporting data on exceptions to smoother order fulfillment. Companies using the auto-mailer experience increased... Read More

TAB Wrapper Tornado Standard Orbital Stretch Wrapper

The TAB Wrapper Tornado standard orbital stretch wrapper quickly earned a reputation as a dependable, economical, remarkable way to wrap pallets tightly and securely after its introduction in 2011. The standard model works as a semi-automatic orbital wrapping machine. The lift-truck operator raises a pallet load and drives toward the center of the wrapping ring, attaches the end of the stretch film to the pallet, and returns to the driver’s seat with the corded remote control in hand. The Wrapper Tornado automatically wraps the pallet load in protective plastic as the lift truck operator gradually moves forward or backward until the wrapping is complete. Features Streamlines packing and... Read More