Pack Leader Pro-225 Top and Bottom Labeling Machine

The Pack Leader Pro-225 top and bottom labeling machine applies labels to the top and bottom of products. The PRO-225 clamshell labeler also comes standard with our split-belt conveyor system, allowing easy placement on the front, top, and bottom with one label. The PRO-225 lets you change production runs quickly and simply for greater efficiency and quality control. The PRO-225’s modular design allows easy upgrades as needs evolve. Just upgrade the machine to accommodate your new requirements. In strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, the PRO-225 is made of 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum, and carefully treated to guard against harsher... Read More

Kirk Rudy KR555 Label Master

The Kirk Rudy KR555 Label Master is designed and built for production labeling environments. Kirk-Rudy’s latest generation labeling system uses the popular KR519 base, with extruded aluminum T-slot rails, allowing the label head to move freely across the table for a wide variety of product positioning. Like all Kirk-Rudy equipment, the modular design of the KR555 allows for easy integration into existing production lines and custom configurations. Available options include a wide variety of feeders, servo drive motor for highly accurate placement and control, wide label kits (5”, 6”, and 8”), heavy unwind kit for roll magnets, multiple label heads per unit, and... Read More

Hamrick CS30 Hot Melt Case Sealer

The Hamrick CS30 hot melt case sealer operates at 30 cycles-per-minute, ideal for medium-to-high production volumes. Upgrade options include motorized brushes to control minor flaps, motorized height adjustment, 4-tier flashing light for interrupted cycle, and stainless steel construction with NEMA 4x electrical. Features For RSC lock tab, bliss, or newly erected casesVariable speed drive motorNordson Pro Blue Series hot melt glue unit with anti-drip nozzlesAllen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC controller with ProFace HMIHandles a wide variety of case sizesRotary actuated rear flap closer with adjustable dwell and shock absorbersPolished stainless steel exterior coversSteel-It corrosion resistant... Read More

Deitz NB1 Neck Bander

The Deitz NB1 neck bander applies plastic shrink bands and sleeve labels on bottles, vials, jars, tins, cans, and other round and tapered containers. It delivers reliable performance in food, beverage, cosmetic, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and other packaging lines, with little or no maintenance. The NB1 has been called the most reliable part of the packaging process and the easiest to use of any available neck-banding machine. The NB1’s precision engineered, tamper-evident shrink-band applicator applies bands automatically at full speed, without slowing down or stopping each bottle as other machines do. The NB1’s design includes a built-in bottle-spacing wheel with speed control to... Read More