CVC Model 1267 Bottle Unscrambler

The CVC1267 Bottle Unscrambler is designed to feed bottles from a bin automatically and place them upright onto a conveyor at speeds of up to 200 bottles per minute. The CVC1267 is PLC controlled and comes standard with a 6" touch screen panel. The Model 1267 is built to CGMP standards and features stainless steel construction. It has 10 channels of memory and changes over quickly and easily. Options include ionized air rinse with vacuum, fallen bottle sensor with return to bin, low level hopper sensor, tower lamp, and static eliminator bar. Features PLC controlled6" touch screen panelStainless steel frame on locking castersMemory capacity for 10 jobsInterlocked safety shieldIncremental... Read More

Orion Flex LPA Low Profile Stretch Wrapper

The Orion Flex LPA low profile stretch wrapper is the perfect blend of dependability and flexibility. The Flex LPA offers an automatic wrap cycle for operator efficiency and a full surround deck to protect the turntable. The Flex LPA eliminates the need for the operator to attach and cut the stretch film. Simply place the pallet load on the machine and pull a lanyard switch while backing away. The machine performs the entire wrap cycle automatically, without the need for the operator to tie the film tail to the load at the beginning of the cycle and detach it at the end. This greatly impacts the efficiency of your stretch packaging operation by freeing the operator to work on other tasks... Read More

Weigh Right Volumetric Fillers

Weigh Right volumetric fillers are used to fill powders and granular products. Volumetric fillers are more versatile and are gentler on products than a standard auger feeder, and volumetric filling offers higher speed filling and greater dust control. These fillers accommodate a wide range of powders and granular products, including ground spices, seasoning blends, health powders, ground coffee, detergents, chemicals, drink mixes, cake mixes, and similar products. Product comes through the supply hopper inlet and fills a cavity in the rotor. As the rotor cycles, the product is portioned out by meter valve and streams into the container for gradual air displacement. The design puts... Read More

Highlight Predator Semi-Automatic & Automatic Stretch Wrapping Systems

PREDATOR SS: The Highlight Predator SS is the affordable solution for stretch-wrapping loads without stretching your budget. The Predator SS is easy-to-use and features rich, including top and bottom counters, photo eye, and two wrapping modes. A state-of-the-art info screen shows current machine operation and makes troubleshooting easy. The Predator SS lets you precisely adjust the stretch level and film force on your load with the turn of a knob. PREDATOR XS: The Predator XS is designed with extra features that surpass those of other semi-automatic systems. The Predator XS provides greater film savings and improved performance with Select-Stretch. Allen-Bradley PLC, automatic film cut,... Read More