Cousins LP-2100 Stretch Wrapper Machine

The Cousins LP-2100 stretch wrapper machine has the production speed, load capacity, turntable abilities, and control features to ensure that your pallets are wrapped and contained securely for shipping, storage, and transfer. The LP-2100’s many advanced technical features, customizable construction, and available modification parts make it well-suited to any production need. The LP-2100 operator allows seamless user-control. It includes high-tech troubleshooting diagnostics, three wrap programs, and features such as reduce film tension and reinforce wrapping with the pause option. A variety of safety precautions, including safety shut off and Rapid Thread™ Safety Door, keep your... Read More

Pack Leader SL 301 Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

The Pack Leader SL 301 shrink sleeve labeling machine is easy to maintain for long, durable life. The SL 301 is designed for full-body sleeve labeling applications and neck-and-cap banding, tamper-evident applications. It’s well-suited to a variety of applications, and its tamper-resistant neckbander makes it ideal for beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics products. The SL 301 uses advanced shrink technology, and its large touch-control screen and advanced programmable logic computer enable superior labeling speed (100-550 ppm) and accuracy. The frame is made from durable 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum. The front acrylic interlock door helps ensure protection from... Read More

AFM Model CH-100 Shrink Bander

The AFM Model CH-100 shrink bander is an economy-level shrink-band applicator, for applying tamper-evident bands on a variety of containers. The CH-100 is designed for low-to-moderate production rates and is perfect for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, health and beauty, consumer goods, chemical, and other manufactured goods. The CH-100 is engineered to meet the demands of your workflow. Designed for 24-hour operation, its simple, low-maintenance design allows for quick film change and maximum uptime. Its compact housing is made from 304 grade stainless steel and anodized aluminum for strength, low vibration, and quiet operation. Product runs are programmed with a... Read More

Advantage Machinery 3 Belt Intermittent Motion Series Side Sealer

The Advantage Machinery 3 Belt Intermittent Motion Series Side Sealer is ideal for packaging a variety of products, including long and variable length items. It’s manufactured using the most advanced technology available. The SXE model is specially designed for e-commerce fulfillment centers.  The machine comes standard with a 6’ infeed conveyor, which transports the product into the sealer. The first conveyor spaces the product automatically. The spacing conveyor also has a film plow, which inverts the center-folded film around the product. The bagged products then go into the side seal area, where the side of the bag is sealed and scrap automatically goes into the take away... Read More