Kaps-All A6 6 Spindle Auto Capper

The Kaps-All A6 6 Spindle Auto Capper fully automatic capper handles screw caps of all materials and styles, from 8 mm to 120 mm, including pilfer evident and child resistant cap closures (standard range is 13 mm to 70 mm). Handles metal, glass, or plastic containers from low jars and vials up to 2½ gallons. Easily converts to combination capper similar to the Model G. Comes with standard rotary cap feeder (optional escalator cap feeder available). Can be used as cap and pump tightener. Comes standard with clutches for screw capping. Features Stainless steel 7’6” conveyor frame DC variable speed drive with a 4½” wide Delrin chain stainless steel pinsStainless steel enclosure with... Read More

Texwrap 2011SS Continuous Motion Side Sealer

The Texwrap 2011SS continuous motion side sealer is ideal for applications requiring high throughput speeds with maximum package flexibility. The 2011SS replaces and updates the 2203 side sealer, keeping all of the 2203’s functionality and adding updated guarding and a servo vertical end seal. This style machine has been one of Texwrap’s most popular wrappers due to its speed and versatility. With 10” high x 20” wide product capacity and 100-feet-per-minute conveyor speeds, the 2011SS is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of product sizes and configurations. The 2011SS is a “box-motion” style wrapper, i.e., the device moves horizontally with the product as the seal is... Read More

Rollbag R785 Automatic Bagger

The Rollbag R785 automatic bagger is a unique, all-electric, tabletop automatic poly bagger. The R785 uses the same electronics as Rollbag’s larger floor-standing baggers, delivering a dependable, industrial quality, multi-shift packaging solution. Using an advanced control system, the R785 operates at up to 40 bags-per-minute. The R785 does not require compressed air, and it can be moved around the production environment easily and be set up anywhere with an electrical outlet. Positioning and moving the R785 is easy with its 26” wide x 18” deep footprint and light weight (just over 100 lbs). The R785 can be loaded semi-automatically by hand or using infeed devices that can interface... Read More

All-Fill A/1200 Vertical Form Fill & Seal Bagger

The All-Fill A/1200 Vertical Form Fill & Seal Bagger provides accurate, efficient packaging of pillow, gusseted, Doy-Style standup bags and hole-punches. The A/1200 is capable of forming and filling bags measuring from 2.5” x 3” to 8” x 14”, with volumes ranging from .5 oz to 5 lbs, at speeds of up to 60 cycles per minute with a pneumatic jaw closure. Supported laminate film and unsupported polyethylene stocks can be handled easily with film thickness up to 0.006.” The A/1200’s features include 7” widescreen color HMI, 50 stored routines, and tool-less changeovers.... Read More