ABC Model 156 Decaser/Uncaser

The ABC Model 156 Decaser/Uncaser automatically unpacks a variety of glass and plastic containers from necks-down reshipper cases, to ensure a continuous supply of empty bottles to the packaging line. Cases can feed directly from the case depalletizer to the decaser and are oriented by the machine automatically for proper feed.  The Model 156 opens all four case flaps, gently unloads and single files the containers, and then uprights the empty case for transfer to packing. This provides ergonomic advantages, eliminating the risk of employee injury / disability from repetitive lifting and dumping of filled cases. It’s a dependable solution to uncasing irregular containers, including... Read More

Lantech Q-250 Basic Stretch Wrapper

The Lantech Q-250 Basic Stretch Wrapper is ideal if you’re wrapping more than 20 loads per day, at which point the cost of stretch film becomes a significant cost driver. Using a machine with a power pre-stretch film-delivery system like the Q-250, you can cut your film cost by 50-66%.  You can choose from hundreds of options to customize the Q-250 to meet your specific requirements. For example, you can add a second turntable to increase efficiency. The operator can start the wrap cycle on the first turntable and then place a load on the second turntable.  Features Perfect for wrapping 5–10 loads per hourSafe and easy to useLoad with forklift or use optional ramp to load with pallet... Read More

Spee-Dee Revolution Auger Filler

The Spee-Dee Revolution Auger Filler is a cost-effective way to achieve fast, accurate fills. This affordable filler is perfect for applications including coffee, baking mixes, and spices. It requires less maintenance thanks to its servo auger control and direct-drive design. The Revolution Auger Filler has a full-color touch-screen operator interface, PLC-based controls, and non-proprietary electrical components. It supports a 5g to 5 lb fill range and continuous-motion vertical form-fill-and-seal machine at speeds of up to 150 bags per minute. Its simplified design and competitive price make it ideal for coffee, dry food, and chemical applications. Purchase or lease? Consider... Read More

UltraSource Bison Rollstock Packaging Machine

The UltraSource Bison Rollstock Packaging Machine sets a new standard in form-fill-and-seal packaging. The Bison is designed for higher production and customization and is extremely versatile, with four base configurations and numerous customization options to choose from. The Bison features high output speeds. The base model is 12’ long, and 4’ loading, labeling, and discharge expansions can be added. It’s adaptable to any size processor and is designed to operate in wash-down environments. Parts and service are available from the company’s Kansas City facility. Features Meets EN415-3 safety standard for form/fill/seal machines Completely sealed electrical enclosure, NEMA 4... Read More