Matrix Morepheus Series Bagger

The Matrix Morpheus series bagger continuous box-motion VFFS is effective under a variety of conditions, with a huge range of products and applications. The Morepheus comes with either Allen-Bradley controls or the state-of-the-art Beckhoff control system. It’s user friendly and highly intuitive, and offers a variety of possibilities for further technological upgrades. The Matrix AutoPro changeover solution replaces manual adjustments, such as hand cranks and thumb screws with precision electronic motion control to eliminate time-consuming adjustments during changeover. Automatic format reconfiguring with the touch of a button makes changeover fast and easy for any operator. Features... Read More

T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger

The T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger is Advanced Poly-Packaging’s top-of-the-line bagger. The T-1000 is designed for long or short runs and can cycle more than 100 bags per minute, faster than any operator could feed manually. This quality bagger uses Advanced Poly-Bags on rolls, with sizes ranging from 2" x 3" to 14" x 30" and thicknesses from 1 ml to 5 ml. The T-1000 "Wide" uses bag sizes from 4" x 6" to 18" x 36". It’s designed with a small footprint and equipped with rugged casters, for easy movement to various production cells throughout your plant. It’s crafted from the highest quality components and materials to withstand the most rigorous manufacturing environments. The T-1000 is... Read More

Pack 102 Flow Wrap Packaging Machine

The Pack 102 flow wrap packaging machine is an entry-level horizontal flow wrapper, ideal for small and mid-sized enterprises that package products in flow wraps. With an output of up to 150 packages per minute, it’s the ideal companion for small and medium-sized businesses that are taking their first steps in automation or need a flow wrapper to run small batches. The Pack 102 packages and protects products with a flexible material supplied in roll-stock format, delivering low cost-per-pack. Items can be wrapped individually, in groups, on cards, or in trays, and the packages can be equipped with easy opening and reclosability features. The Pack 102 will accommodate a wide range of... Read More

ABC Model 156 Decaser/Uncaser

The ABC Model 156 Decaser/Uncaser automatically unpacks a variety of glass and plastic containers from necks-down reshipper cases, to ensure a continuous supply of empty bottles to the packaging line. Cases can feed directly from the case depalletizer to the decaser and are oriented by the machine automatically for proper feed.  The Model 156 opens all four case flaps, gently unloads and single files the containers, and then uprights the empty case for transfer to packing. This provides ergonomic advantages, eliminating the risk of employee injury / disability from repetitive lifting and dumping of filled cases. It’s a dependable solution to uncasing irregular containers, including... Read More