Clamco 7230ASW Automatic Sleeve Wrapper Bundler

The Clamco 7230ASW is an automatic sleeve wrapper bundler for shrink-bundling applications, designed for use with 1.2–4 mil polyethylene film. This continuous-motion inline unit produces open-end packages (“bull’s-eye”) and can be used to wrap a variety of products, including trays, cartons, and bottles. It’s great for food, beverage, and contract package bundling, delivering up to 1200 packages per hour. Easy setup and monitoring The Clamco 7230ASW features an enhanced microprocessor for easy set-up and monitoring, 20-program memory, and fast set-up. It displays all key packing statistics, including production rates and efficiencies. High... Read More

Combi Ergopack® Hand Packing Station

The Combi Ergopack® raises the productivity standard for hand packing. The Ergopack combines a case erector, hand-pack station, and sealer into a compact, cost-effective unit. It minimizes repetitive wrist and arm motions by positioning cases and product for high operator comfort. This pick-and-pack system is unique, featuring variable-speed product infeed, on-demand case presentation, and available one, two, or three operator stations for exceptional flexibility. Standard features On-demand case presentationHands-free case indexing Easy-load, walk-in, 50" powered case magazineHeavy-duty steel framework, lifetime warrantyNo-tool changeovers, all-digital crank adjustments3M Accuglide®... Read More

APPS R-12K Capsule Counter

The APPS R-12K features 12 counting lanes, filling one bottle at a time. Its unique, multi-step front tray maximizes capsule-feed rate and minimizes size. The sensor can count multiple falling objects at once, for accurate, high-speed, counting. Quality features Twelve-lane laser counting system2400 cubic-inch capacity hopperAutomatic feed controlPurge mode with bulk countingPush-button height adjustmentBuilt-in dust extractingRecipe and batch-log storageExtra-large tablet chutes, to avoid jam upsEasy to clean CastersRugged, stainless-steel constructionGMP design Purchase or lease? Consider the benefits of leasing your APPS R-12K Capsule Counter acquisition: Leasing is a strong... Read More

Lantech Q-300 Stretch Wrapper

The Lantech Q-300 Stretch Wrapper helps eliminate waste from ineffective stretch wrapping. Proper stretch wrapping helps ensure that loads don’t fail during shipment, damaging products and your brand. Features: Extended wrap height increases your loads’ wrap heights with a 110" mast instead of an 80" mast.  Operates in temperatures as low as -1° C to -18° C (31° F to 0° F). Withstands corrosive environments, e.g., salt and fertilizers. Auto Film Cut-off™ automatically cuts film at the end of the wrap cycle, decreasing labor by approximately 30 seconds per load. Pallet Grip® locks load to pallet, reducing the risk of damage during shipment. NEMA 12 Enclosure keeps moisture,... Read More