Ohlson Volumetric Filler

The Ohlson Volumetric Filler uses an auger screw to fill or dose a specific amount of product (measured by volume) into cups or other containers. Ohlson fillers integrate directly with the company’s VFFX Series vertical baggers, mounting directly on top of the bagger using a reinforced mounting plate. The Ohlson Packaging line of equipment began in 1967 and has a strong reputation for durability and uptime performance, critical to the success of your packaging line. Features Stainless steel constructionNylon plastic cupsHand wheel adjustable cup filling ranges Motor drivenVariable-speed control, regulates flow easilyInfeed hopperEasy to operate and clean Purchase or lease? Consider the... Read More

DEKKA 500 Fully Automatic Caser Former / Case Erector

The DEKKA 500 fully automatic caser former / case erector is a heavy-duty case erector for the entry-level market. This compact machine is ideal for customers with tight budgets and limited floor space looking to upgrade to automatic machinery. The DEKKA 500 reaches speeds of up to 10 cpm, perfect for light manufacturers operating low-speed automated packaging lines. It also features a full-color touchscreen HMI, operator-friendly color-coded change handles, and pictorial guides, and it is also optimized for the high-performance Dekka tape head, ensuring an effective and reliable case seal. Features Developed and constructed with heavy duty components for long-lasting... Read More

PA6000 Pallet Labeling Solution

The PA6000 pallet labeling solution is a modular, automated pallet labeling solution for track and trace, warehouse management, and product ID. Effective labeling helps increase the productivity and accuracy of goods tracking with hand-held bar code scanning. The pivoting pad is standard for labels up to 6” long and conforms to irregular surfaces. The E-FASA Swing Arm application module also serves as a reliable pallet labeling application tool. Features Industrial stainless steel controllerElastomeric 70-key QWERTY-style keyboardHigh-resolution LCD touch screen display80 GB hard drive with Windows® XP ProfessionalEthernet USB, RS232 Serial, PS/2 keyboard and mouseNiceLabel®... Read More

P5-M – Manual Tray/Cup Seal System

The P5-M manual tray/cup seal system combines robust design with a compact footprint, delivering the ultimate entry-level tray and cup sealing, modified atmosphere, vacuum-gas or vacuum-skin packaging. Stainless steel sanitary construction ensures that the P5-M is at home in any food packaging environment. The P5-M is ideal for small and medium packers and is a convenient addition and backup system for large producers, too. Versatile and compact with an attractive price tag, the P5-M is well suited to R&D labs in academic, medical, agricultural, and food packaging research centers. Features Stand alone, self-contained, and portableHeavy-duty 304 stainless steel construction, ideal for... Read More