Massman Automation Case Erector and Sealer Machines

Massman Automation case erector and sealer machines erect and seal a wide variety of case sizes and styles, sealing top and/or bottom case flaps. Massman Automation incorporates its proven case handling and sealing technologies (hot melt adhesive or tape) into a standalone machine, allowing for case erecting and/or case sealing applications that do not require an all-in-one type automated case packing system. Massman Automation case erectors and sealers are designed to your specifications, with safety, durability, productivity, and efficiency as top design criteria, and they include all features found in the standard Massman Automation case packer. These heavy-duty machines are designed... Read More

Maripak – Impack Pro-Motion 40 Side Sealer

The Maripak – Impack Pro-Motion 40 side sealer is a must-have, quality-built machine. Maripak’s line of continuous-motion side sealers are designed for fully-automatic side-seal applications where high speed and rugged reliability are prime considerations. Built to the same high standards as all of Maripak’s high-end wrappers, these versatile units are capable of wrapping many pieces. System estimates are approx 98 feet-per-minute, with 110 cycles-per-minute, depending on size and film type,when combined with the proper infeed. The Impack Pro-Motion 40 is easy-to-use and rugged enough for constant operation when extremely fast and accurate product packaging is a must. Features... Read More

Garrido Advantage Machinery Dual Side Sealers for Paper and Poly

Garrido Advantage Machinery DSS-80P, DSS-110P, and DSS-130P dual side sealers for paper and poly are fully automatic, continuous-motion side sealers for sealing treated paper and poly. The machines come standard with 6' infeed conveyor. Paper is fed on an unwind stand using a dual-roll carriage and passes through an inverting section into the seal area. Product is introduced into the machine through the infeed conveyor. The spacing conveyor detects the leading and trailing edges of the product to create the appropriate spacing. Side-seal systems seal the lateral sides of the products, and the trim is rewound on the scrap takeaway system. After the sides are sealed, the continuous motion... Read More

Belco MAXX 5 Bag Top Sealer-Labeler

The Belco MAXX 5 bag top sealer-labeler is designed with the operator in mind. In one smooth motion, hand-fed, pre-filled bags are labeled, hermetically sealed, hole punched, and returned to the operator – all in less than one second. Average production rates are 27-29 packages per minute, up to 35 maximum. A new header label is then automatically transferred from the label box to the sealing position, signaling that the machine is ready for the next cycle.   The MAXX 5 replaces manual bag sealing, hand folding, and stapling a header label to a bag. It uses labels that require no heat seal coating, while also providing an inexpensive header label for hand-filled and/or pre-filled... Read More