Lantech Q-300 Stretch Wrapper

The Lantech Q-300 Stretch Wrapper helps eliminate waste from ineffective stretch wrapping. Proper stretch wrapping helps ensure that loads don’t fail during shipment, damaging products and your brand. Features: Extended wrap height increases your loads’ wrap heights with a 110" mast instead of an 80" mast.  Operates in temperatures as low as -1° C to -18° C (31° F to 0° F). Withstands corrosive environments, e.g., salt and fertilizers. Auto Film Cut-off™ automatically cuts film at the end of the wrap cycle, decreasing labor by approximately 30 seconds per load. Pallet Grip® locks load to pallet, reducing the risk of damage during shipment. NEMA 12 Enclosure keeps moisture,... Read More

Markem-Imaje 9450 Small Character Inkjet Printer

Improve your production efficiency with the Markem-Imaje 9450 Small Character Inkjet Printer. The 9450 is designed to be fully available, to keep up with your line speed and secure your products with the right code. Benefits Provides up to five lines of print.Prints at up to 6.6 m/s.Maximizes your production with a 99.9% availability rate.Reduces consumable use and energy consumption by up to 20% and optimizes your waste-related expenses.Washes down with pressured water and industrial detergent.Automatic cleaning system ensures perfect jet stability when restarting.No set-up required.Supports marketing initiatives with promotional coding and serialization functions.Achieves high level of... Read More

Wexxar Bel DELTA 1 Case Former/Case Erector

The Wexxar Bel DELTA 1 Case Former/Case Erector maximizes ROI, up-time, and OEE. This intuitive and easy-to-operate equipment delivers continuous ergonomic case loading with minimal training. Continuous, non-stop performance The DELTA 1’s modular expandable magazine (MXM) system can be loaded effortlessly without stopping the machine. It can begin forming cases within seconds of loading the first bundle and run all the way to the final case. Ergonomic and efficient case loading With a magazine load height just inches from the floor, the Delta 1 provides a highly ergonomic platform that can be loaded quickly and with minimal strain and effort. With the DELTA 1’s self-correcting ability... Read More

How Do I Offer Packaging Equipment Financing to My Customers?

There is no doubt that offering leasing can help increase your sales.  It won’t convert your cash paying customers, but it can help save transactions that would otherwise be lost due to capital budget/cash flow constraints. Selling a payment structure is easier than selling a total price. Offering leasing doesn’t cost you anything and you get paid in full just like a cash sale. So the real questions become “How do I offer financing?” and “When should I offer financing?” How do I offer packaging equipment financing? The “how” is incredibly easy and only takes a few seconds. Using our Payment Calculator, enter the equipment cost and click “Calculate”. …That’s it!... Read More