Arpac Performance-Series™ PC-2000 Intermittent Motion Wraparound Case Packer

The Arpac Performance-Series™ PC-2000 intermittent motion wraparound case packer is capable of reaching speeds of up to 20 cases/trays per minute. The PC-2000 uses up to 20% less corrugated material compared to regular slotted cases, resulting in significant material savings. This rugged machine reduces labor, increases productivity, lowers packaging costs, and integrates easily into new or exist­ing packaging lines. The Performance-Series works well with many tapes of packages. The system collates the products, loads the corrugated cases or trays, and closes them with hot-melt glue. Features Speeds of up to 20 cases/trays per minuteWorks well with metal and paper cans, glass jars,... Read More