Weigh Right iQ-1E Net Weigh Entry Level Scale

The Weigh Right iQ-1E net weigh entry level scalemeasures between 5 grams and 5 lbs. of free-flowing product, e.g., whole-bean and ground coffee, small nuts, rice, grains, spices, small candies, teas, popcorn, and more. The iQ-1E is an entry-level economy model with impressive dependability and convenient, labor-saving features. The iQ-1E is easy to use, with no need to change parts when measuring between 1 ounce and 5 pounds. It comes standard with an air compressor and allows single button start-up. It has a sensitive-yet-durable load cell (the most important component of the scale) with 800% overload protection, and is encased to protect against dust and water damage. All contact parts... Read More