Trayfecta® G Series Case Erector

Need a case erector that integrates with downstream robotics or hand-load systems? The Trayfecta® G Series Case Erector produces retail-ready packages, standard shipping cases, and stackable club trays with a simple changeover. The G Series Case Erector conveys your cases to downstream equipment in the optimal position for any application. Flexible layout The Trayfecta G Series Case Erector’s layout flexibility means it can be set up to align ideally for your operation. Lightweight, tool-less tooling The G Series Case Erector saves production time with its quick-release capability, tool-less features, and intuitive size-change functionality. It’s highly ergonomic for easy changeovers,... Read More

Wulftec SML-150 Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

The Wulftec SML-150 Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper is an ideal stretch wrapping solution. Its low-profile octagonal base has a small footprint, taking up minimal floor space in your facility. Outstanding features, fast delivery: The SML-150 lets you choose (and pay for) only the features you need.Competitive price.Fast turnaround – the smart series features modular design so you don’t have to wait to get the machine you need.Upgrade the control panel, base, and carriage any time, along with the tower/wrap height. The SML-150 gives you lower maintenance and higher reliability. Wulftec was the first company in North America to include AC variable frequency drives on all of its... Read More

Autobag® PaceSetter PS 125™ Tabletop Baggers

The Autobag PaceSetter PS 125 and PS 125 OneStep automatic tabletop baggers are designed to bag and seal your products efficiently. These hand-load machines are simple and versatile, providing an excellent value for your low-to-mid-volume production environments. The Autobag PaceSetter baggers feature innovative engineering and convenient tabletop design. The PS 125 has a footprint of just 22 x 19” and weighs 82 lbs. Its quiet, all-electric design requires no compressed air, and its locking turntable links with its AutoThread™ feature for ergonomic handling and bag changeover. Poly bags are automatically indexed, hand loaded, and sealed, using the Push-to-Seal™ automated sealer... Read More

Rollstock RC-300 Rotary Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Need a versatile, reliable, high-performance vacuum packaging machine? The Rollstock RC-300 Rotary Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine averages 26 packages per minute and has features and benefits galore. It has a patented sealing system and features a water-cooled hold-down and continuous temperature sealing element. It seals through any bag thickness, and through creases or contaminates. Faster, lower-cost maintenance The RC-300 is designed for food packaging in heavy wash-down environments. It features stainless steel construction, and most of its parts are available off-the-shelf for fast, economical repairs. Plus, it’s easier to maintain and repair, with easily accessible wear parts... Read More