Wexxar Bel DELTA 1 Case Former/Case Erector

The Wexxar Bel DELTA 1 Case Former/Case Erector maximizes ROI, up-time, and OEE. This intuitive and easy-to-operate equipment delivers continuous ergonomic case loading with minimal training. Continuous, non-stop performance The DELTA 1’s modular expandable magazine (MXM) system can be loaded effortlessly without stopping the machine. It can begin forming cases within seconds of loading the first bundle and run all the way to the final case. Ergonomic and efficient case loading With a magazine load height just inches from the floor, the Delta 1 provides a highly ergonomic platform that can be loaded quickly and with minimal strain and effort. With the DELTA 1’s self-correcting ability... Read More

How Do I Offer Packaging Equipment Financing to My Customers?

There is no doubt that offering leasing can help increase your sales.  It won’t convert your cash paying customers, but it can help save transactions that would otherwise be lost due to capital budget/cash flow constraints. Selling a payment structure is easier than selling a total price. Offering leasing doesn’t cost you anything and you get paid in full just like a cash sale. So the real questions become “How do I offer financing?” and “When should I offer financing?” How do I offer packaging equipment financing? The “how” is incredibly easy and only takes a few seconds. Using our Payment Calculator, enter the equipment cost and click “Calculate”. …That’s it!... Read More

Trayfecta® G Series Case Erector

Need a case erector that integrates with downstream robotics or hand-load systems? The Trayfecta® G Series Case Erector produces retail-ready packages, standard shipping cases, and stackable club trays with a simple changeover. The G Series Case Erector conveys your cases to downstream equipment in the optimal position for any application. Flexible layout The Trayfecta G Series Case Erector’s layout flexibility means it can be set up to align ideally for your operation. Lightweight, tool-less tooling The G Series Case Erector saves production time with its quick-release capability, tool-less features, and intuitive size-change functionality. It’s highly ergonomic for easy changeovers,... Read More

Wulftec SML-150 Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

The Wulftec SML-150 Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper is an ideal stretch wrapping solution. Its low-profile octagonal base has a small footprint, taking up minimal floor space in your facility. Outstanding features, fast delivery: The SML-150 lets you choose (and pay for) only the features you need.Competitive price.Fast turnaround – the smart series features modular design so you don’t have to wait to get the machine you need.Upgrade the control panel, base, and carriage any time, along with the tower/wrap height. The SML-150 gives you lower maintenance and higher reliability. Wulftec was the first company in North America to include AC variable frequency drives on all of its... Read More