ME109 Coffee and Tea Net Weigh Filler

The ME109 coffee and tea net weigh filler isfast, up to 12 cycles per minutewith just one operator, and accurate to 1/100 oz (1/10 gram). It’s also easy to use. Any employee can be up and running within minutes, and a two-digit code recalls presets for commonly used weights. The ME109 is easy to clean, with all stainless steel contact points. It’s durable, with many units having been in continuous daily use for 30 years. The ME109 is highly economical, usually paying for itself in 6 months, and it’s modular, allowing you to add vacuum conveyors, nitro flush kits, mobile floor hopper, and stand up pouch former. Features Height: 84”Width: 50”Depth: 35”Cycles per minute: 12 per... Read More