Rollstock RC-300 Rotary Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Need a versatile, reliable, high-performance vacuum packaging machine? The Rollstock RC-300 Rotary Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine averages 26 packages per minute and has features and benefits galore. It has a patented sealing system and features a water-cooled hold-down and continuous temperature sealing element. It seals through any bag thickness, and through creases or contaminates. Faster, lower-cost maintenance The RC-300 is designed for food packaging in heavy wash-down environments. It features stainless steel construction, and most of its parts are available off-the-shelf for fast, economical repairs. Plus, it’s easier to maintain and repair, with easily accessible wear parts... Read More

U.S. Manufacturing Rebounds in January

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) announced today that the Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI), a key indicator for the health of the manufacturing sector, improved last month from 47.8% to 50.9%. A PMI of less than 50% means that the manufacturing sector is contracting, and a PMI of more than 50% means the manufacturing sector is expanding. PMI fell below 50% in the middle of 2019, largely on trade concerns. The return to growth was likely driven by the signing of the “phase one” trade agreement between the United States and China. You can read the entire ISM report here. Link: Read More