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Cartoner Financing

A cartoner, also called a cartoning machine, inserts products into cartons. Many cartoners can also erect, close, fold, side seam, and seal the cartons. They can be configured to handle different carton sizes and a variety of primary packaging such as bottles, boxes, tubes, trays, bags, vials, sachets, and more.

Over 75% of U.S. companies use some form of financing when acquiring equipment. This allows them to achieve their ROI through labor/material savings as they pay for equipment with affordable monthly payments.

As the only lender in the country to focus exclusively on packaging equipment, we have decades of experience financing cartoners. We also have longstanding relationships with the distributors that cartoners are typically sold through, and a deep understanding of the unique nature of the packaging industry.

To get started, use the payment calculator at the right to estimate your monthly payment, then click Apply Now to send us a credit application. You can also give us a call at 888-692-6722.

American Packaging Capital

Your Financing Solution for Packaging Equipment

  • The only finance company in the country exclusively specializing in packaging equipment.
  • Over 25 years in packaging equipment financing.
  • More than $800 million funded.
  • We have worked with over 500 equipment suppliers nationwide.
  • We can accommodate vendor deposits.

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How does it work?


Apply for Credit

You can find our one-page credit application here.


Sign Documents

Once you're approved, we'll send you the lease documents for signature.


Equipment Ordered

We'll order the equipment from the supplier after we receive the signed lease documents.

Can I still take bonus depreciation if I lease?

Capital leases are fully eligible for both Section 179 benefits and bonus depreciation, since the IRS considers them to be purchases rather than true tax leases. The leasing criteria used by the IRS are different from the ones used by accountants, so a project can be a lease for accounting purposes but a purchase for tax purposes. Learn more at our tax benefits page.

What if the supplier wants deposits?

In the packaging equipment industry, deposits are commonly required by equipment suppliers. However, most banks and generalist leasing companies are not comfortable with paying funds before the equipment is delivered.

What sets American Packaging Capital apart is that we can accommodate the equipment supplier’s deposit terms. Since we are exclusively focused on the packaging equipment industry, we are experienced in handling supplier deposits.

What if there's no room in my capital budget?

Capital budget constraints are the number one challenge our customers face when acquiring packaging equipment. Leasing overcomes these constraints by spreading the cost over time with affordable monthly payments. This preserves capital budget dollars for other projects, which maximizes ROI. The value of packaging equipment is in its utility, not its ownership.

Why use a lender that specializes in packaging equipment?

All lenders have their own unique footprint. Most leasing companies are generalists, which means they actively seek financing opportunities in many different market sectors. As a lender, the importance of understanding the nuances within any given industry cannot be taken lightly. Credit decisions, pricing, lease term limits and long-term asset valuations are critical components in determining which lease structure is right for you. Our 27 years of experience exclusively dedicated to the packaging industry allow us to present products and ideas that maximize your ROI.

You can also call us at (888) 692-6722

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Select Cartoner Manufacturers Types of Cartoner
ADCO Packaging MachineryVertical Cartoner
BestPack PackagingHorizontal Cartoner
Bivans CorporationIntermittent Cartoer
SyntegonTop Load Cartoner
Econocorp Inc.End Load Cartoner
Serpa Packaging SolutionsContinuous-Motion Cartoner
Triangle Package Machinery Company
Z Automation Company, Inc.
Some of the Cartoners We've Financed
Econocorp TwinsealBest Pack ESHBTriangle Flex 1
Serpa P100Kliklok SFRADCO MBC
Z Automation CV7.5 100CHLKliklok SR4WADCO Compact 4
ADCO 15HCSZ Automation CH7.5 150CHLSerpa P150
Econocorp V-SystemZ Automation CH9 25IZ Automation CV7.5 150C
Best Pack ESHTZ Automation CV12 100CKliklok Genesis
Bivans 50 SeriesKliklok C1FEconocorp Spartan
Kliklok CCIBosch Elematic 2001Kliklok Vari-Right
Serpa 2000 MLADCO 15D105Econocorp Pegasus
Bivans 80 SeriesZ Automation CH9 150CKliklok ECT-500
Econocorp Econo - 60ADCO JET-BC-120ADCO 15DZ
Kliklok CLS120ADCO JET-60Econocorp E-System 2000
Serpa P120Doboy 7250Z Automation CH10.5 301