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Benefits of Lease Financing

100% Financing: Allows you to acquire needed equipment without a major initial cash outlay.

Use vs. Ownership: The value of equipment is in its use, not its ownership. Financing enables you to pay for the equipment with future profit instead of working capital.

Tax Advantages: Maximize your tax benefit this year IRS Section 179 (see Tax Benefits). Alternatively, lease payments may be fully tax-deductible as an operational expense (Fair Market Value Purchase Option). Please consult your tax accountant.

Affordability: Financing results in low monthly payments, and the equipment can be purchased for a nominal cost at the end of the lease term.

Overcome Budget Limitations: Avoid Capital Budget constraints which would ordinarily delay or prevent the acquisition of equipment. Leasing financing can mean quicker budget approval due to its small monthly expense.

Fixed Monthly Payments: Fixed payments avoid the uncertainty of variable (floating) interest rates typical of bank financing. This gives you more consistent control over equipment expenditures and provides protection against inflation.

Cash Conservation/Liquidity: Lease financing preserves working capital, freeing up cash flow and bank credit lines for nonequipment uses like operating expenses, investment opportunities, emergencies, or cash reserves.

Sales/Use Tax Deferral: With lease financing, sales tax is paid over

time with the monthly lease payments, rather than paid in full at the time of purchase. This can result in substantial cash savings in the first year of the lease.

Better Terms and Structure than Banks: Most bank loans require larger down payments, compensating balances, additional collateral, or restrictive covenants. They may tie the financing to a floating interest rate. Equipment leasing has fixed payments, flexible schedules, low down payment, and does not require extra collateral. Also, banks can put liens on all of the assets of your company including receivables and inventory, while leasing companies only put a lien on the equipment being leased.

Eliminate Equipment Obsolescence: Equipment leasing provides flexibility and protection against equipment obsolescence with the ability to upgrade equipment.

Why lease packaging equipment if I can pay cash or use my credit line?

Leasing helps you preserve cash flow, which is the life blood of every business. Instead of immediately draining cash reserves or credit lines with a large purchase, affordable monthly lease payments spread the cost over time. Since the value of the equipment is in its use rather than ownership, you get the best of both worlds: immediate labor/material savings while achieving healthier cash flow for operating expenses and growing your business.

Is lease financing packaging equipment eligible for tax benefits?

Capital leases are eligible for both Section 179 benefits and bonus depreciation. Learn more and explore your possible tax savings with our Tax Benefits Calculator

Why should I consider leasing instead of a bank loan for packaging equipment?

Banks often require more documentation for credit review, as well as extra collateral, restrictive covenants, and liens on all assets of your company (including receivables and inventory). Leasing involves less documentation, does not require extra collateral, and puts a lien on only the leased equipment. As a specialized lender, American Packaging Capital can meet packaging equipment suppliers’ deposit terms, while most banks will not.

What if I don’t have room in my capital budget to buy packaging equipment?

Leasing can bypass capital budget limitations that can delay or prevent the equipment acquisition. Predictable, affordable, fixed monthly payments often result in quicker budget approval.