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How to pay for your A-B-C Packaging equipment

A-B-C Packaging Machine Corporation manufactures secondary packaging equipment. They're known for their case erectors, packers, and sealers, as well as for their palletizing and depalletizing equipment. Once you’ve decided A-B-C Packaging equipment is the right choice for your company, your next decision will address the acquisition process. How will you pay for this equipment?

Don't have cash? You still have options.

Any equipment purchase can have a number of financial challenges. Smaller companies have limited resources. Larger companies often have more projects than the capital budget will allow and can run into diffcult, time-consuming approval processes. If paying cash is not an option, it's time to consider financing.

Financing makes equipment more affordable by spreading the cost over time. This allows you to acquire the equipment without making a major initial cash outlay. Monthly payments are easier for smaller companies to afford and can be easier for larger companies to approve.

Equipment financing can provide products to accommodate different types of cash flow models. However, most financial institutions have strict lending criteria which are often not compatible with the packaging industry. They commonly will not accommodate vendor deposit requirements. A-B-C Packaging, like most packaging equipment suppliers, requires a down payment up front with the equipment order. Our leasing program is designed to accommodate deposit terms.

How to get started

  • Calculate your monthly payment
  • In the box above, enter the equipment cost and click on "Calculate Payment".

    This will generate a financing proposal showing what your monthly payment would be depending on the term length and purchase option. Longer terms have smaller, more affordable monthly payments. The purchase option is the amount you can purchase the equipment for at the end of the term. You can visit our purchase options page for more information.

  • Helpful tools
  • Our tax benefits calculator provides a better understanding of available tax advantages such as Section 179 and bonus depreciation. These tax advantages can help you maximize your cash flow during the year the equipment enters service.

  • How to apply
  • Complete and sign our one-page credit application and email it to us with a copy of the equipment quote. We'll work with both you and A-B-C Packaging to ensure an easy and seamless approval process.

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Select A-B-C Packaging Equipment

Case SealersCase Packers and Unpackers
Model 436 Top SealerModel 600 Robotic Packer
Model 436T Top SealerModel 101 Pick & Place Packer / Unpacker
Model 30 Top & Bottom SealerModel 19 Packer
Model 30T Top & Bottom SealerModel 29 Packer
Model 236 Top SealerModel 360 Case Packer and Uncaser
Model 236T Top SealerModel 49 Decaser for Necks Down Cases
Model 121 Tablock SlitterModel 156 Decaser for Necks Down Cases
Case Erectors
Model 450 High Speed Case ErectorModel 300T Case Erector
Model 400 Case ErectorModel 340 Case Erector
Model 400T Case ErectorModel 335 Case Erector
Model 400HS Case Erector with Servo SealingModel 70 Partition Inserter
Model 300 Case Erector
Palletizers and Depalletizers
Model 72A PalletizerModel 72AH Palletizer
Model 72AG High Speed PalletizerModel 72SA Palletizer
Model 700 Series Robot PalletizerModel 72SAB Bag Palletizer
Model 75 High Speed Bag PalletizerModel 108 Low Level Bulk Depalletizer
Model 72B Bag PalletizerModel 108HL High Level Bulk Depalletizer
Model 72AE Palletizer