Equipment Acquisition Center

This Equipment Acquisition Center provides multiple ways to show immediate cost savings and a reduced payback period.

It generates a detailed analysis that factors in projected labor/material savings, downtime costs, maintenance costs, and/or increased throughput.

The following key financial indicators are included:

  • Payback Period: How long it takes for the equipment to pay for itself.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Financing can maximize your ROI by freeing up working capital that can be reinvested to generate additional returns.
  • Tax Savings: Section 179 provides tax savings incentives for buying equipment.
  • The Cost of Doing Nothing: Waiting can be expensive. Waiting too long to acquire a machine can mean missing out on savings greater than the cost of the equipment.

How to instantly generate an analysis:

  1. Type in the pre-tax Equipment Cost ($7,000 minimum).
  2. Click inside the Cost Justification box to select a type of savings/revenue from the dropdown menu.
  3. Type in/select the applicable amount of revenue/savings.

    (You can select up to 4 types of savings/revenue to include in the analysis.)
  4. Click Generate Analysis for an instant pdf you can download or print.
  5. Optional: Personalize the analysis for presentation purposes by filling in fields in the Personalize box.

Generate an Analysis Instantly

($7,000 minimum)
Add more savings
Add additional information

Display monthly payments for the following terms and types:
Term (months):
Modify the Internal Rate of Return used when calculating Return on Investment:
Internal Rate of Return:

How to finance your equipment


Apply for Credit

You can find our one-page credit application here.


Sign Documents

Once you're approved, we'll send you the lease documents via DocuSign.


Equipment Ordered

We'll order the equipment from the supplier after you sign the lease.

Have questions or want to discuss financing options? Please contact Ken Desouza at 888-692-6722 ext 101.