Woodman Apache Bagmaker

The Woodman Apache bagmaker features superior ease-of-use, speed, and package-size flexibility to snack-food industries, including candy, nuts, crackers, cookies, cereals, and granular products. All Woodman bagmakers offer outstanding value, performance, dependability, and durability, featuring non-proprietary, off-the-shelf full-servo Allen-Bradley® control components to help minimize cost. The Apache also features a cost-saving flex-mount welded tubular steel frame, designed to support weighers, augers, and volumetric fillers, thereby eliminating the need for mezzanines. The low machine height enables greater installation flexibility. Features Quick, straightforward setup with... Read More

Smipack HS500E Continuous Automatic Side Sealer

The Smipack HS500E continuous automatic side sealer offers modularity and an excellent price/quality ratio. All of the models in the HS series can be supplied with or without shrink tunnel. All of the models are fully electric, with no compressed air required. The HS series features continuous sealing and intermittent or box-motion cycle. It can handle polyolefin and polyethylene, polypropylene center-folded, or flat film with film folder PX. It’s suitable for outputs of up to 7200 packs/hour and 9000 packs/hour with customized solutions. Purchase or lease? Consider the benefits of leasing your Smipack HS500E continuous automatic side sealer acquisition: Leasing is a strong option, which... Read More

Hitachi UX-D860W – Twin Nozzle Cartridge Model

The Hitachi UX-D860W – Twin Nozzle Cartridge Model is a well-equipped printer with several top-up options, reduced makeup consumption, and easy change of cartridge-type bottles. The UX-D860W is capable of up to 8 lines of printing, and the standard model prints up to 240 printable characters on 8 separate lines, and its twin-nozzle technology allows for increased speed. Faster print speeds Use of two nozzles dramatically increases multi-line printing speed. Conventional single-nozzle print heads can become taxed quickly when producing multiple lines of print, especially at speed. Sharing the workload between two nozzles greatly reduces this effect. Flexible 8-Line print The UX-D860W uses... Read More

AmeriPak Series 150 Shrink Film Wrapper

The AmeriPak Series 150 Shrink Film Wrapper is exceptionally adaptable and designed for easy operation, with a cantilevered self-centering parent roll backstand conveniently located above the adjustable or fixed former. The Series 150 is also available as a standard horizontal wrapper. Unique to the Series 150 is a generous product-size range, including a wide film capacity backstand and end crimper to allow greater product-size flexibility. A heavy-duty end crimper drive ensures high-performance end sealing and cutoff. The Series 150 is easily customizable to meet specific packaging needs and is available in right or left-hand configurations. An EZ-SET end crimper phasing control allows... Read More