Little David CF-25 Carton Erector / Case Former

The Little David CF-25 high-performance carton erector forms and bottom-seals up to 15 corrugated cases per minute. Its small footprint and patented case-flow technology makes the CF-25 a versatile addition to your packaging operation without taking up excessive floor space. The CF-25’s case-transfer system features an upgraded vacuum system and 3 vacuum cups. Its chain-and-lug drive system eliminates box stalling and slipping. Plus, its easy-load hopper ensures simple, efficient case loading and changeover. Features: Forms and bottom seals up to 10 cases per minute (standard) and 15 cases per minute (high speed).Small footprint with patented case-flow process. Two-minute case-size... Read More

Prodo-Pak Multi-Lane Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines

Prodo-Pak multi-lane vertical/form/fill/seal machines are designed, built, and serviced to deliver the highest quality four-sided pouch-forming. They’re suitable for liquids, powders and granular products. Prodo-Pak also offers standard and custom dispensing valves. The PV Series is the most advanced form/fill/seal packaging machine for the food, personnel care, pharmaceuticals, chemical, and beverage industries. The PV Series can fill flexible containers ranging from 0.2 oz. to 640 oz. with sauces and pastes, juices, drinks, wine, nut butters, and frozen pops. The PV Series is also ideal for producing portion packs of condiments and packaging for granulated products. The PV series is... Read More

Leibinger JET2neo Inkjet Printer

The Leibinger JET2neo inkjet printer is ideal for marking a variety of materials, products, and surfaces. Its high-quality construction and sophisticated technologies and production processes ensure long service life and high reliability. The JET2neo uses fast-drying inks and no-contact printing during ongoing production to print fixed and variable data, including bar codes, expiration dates, batch numbers, 2D codes, shift codes, and graphics. Features Automated “Sealtronic“ nozzle seal – ink doesn’t dry out.Starts in seconds.Windows operating system.Color TFT-touch display has large operating elements and a variety of menu languages.Multiple functions, including graphics... Read More

Clamco 7230ASW Automatic Sleeve Wrapper Bundler

The Clamco 7230ASW is an automatic sleeve wrapper bundler for shrink-bundling applications, designed for use with 1.2–4 mil polyethylene film. This continuous-motion inline unit produces open-end packages (“bull’s-eye”) and can be used to wrap a variety of products, including trays, cartons, and bottles. It’s great for food, beverage, and contract package bundling, delivering up to 1200 packages per hour. Easy setup and monitoring The Clamco 7230ASW features an enhanced microprocessor for easy set-up and monitoring, 20-program memory, and fast set-up. It displays all key packing statistics, including production rates and efficiencies. High... Read More