Cousins 4100 Free-Standing Rear Mount Pallet Wrapper

The Cousins 4100 free-standing rear-mount pallet wrapper can wrap 1–30 loads per hour, with a maximum load size of 50″ w x 50″ l (71″ max. load diagonal) x 86″ h (plus up to 4″ top overlap). The 4100 features a double-flange bearing support system, twin V-belt drive pulleys with belt tensioner, 1–12 RPM rotational speed c/w soft start acceleration, final revolution deceleration and positive stop alignment, and a 1/2 HP DC variable-speed motor. The 4100 also features Cousins’s Super Rapid Thread II™ 20″ capacity pre-stretch film carriage, and its special film-threading device uniquely orientates the sticky side of the film against the pre-stretch rollers and the inside... Read More