Clamco 120C and 240C Combo Shrink Wrap Machines

The Clamco 120C and upgraded 240C combo shrink wrap systems combine an L-bar sealer with a shrink tunnel in one robust, compact unit. The Clamco 120C is a 120V, 2100W, machine, which is an excellent choice for an entry-level machine. The Clamco 240C is a a more robust 220V machine, with 4000W of tunnel power and a motorized power take-away conveyor. Both systems have a heavy duty frame and base for outstanding durability. Systems are engineered for quick setup, alignment, and product transfer between sealer and tunnel. The sturdy design of the Clamco 120C and 240C combo systems enable greater productivity and ensure consistent seals. The use of integrated, application-specific... Read More